Cloudflare Down, Discord and Friends Fall – Cloudflare service is reportedly experiencing down on Tuesday (21/6/2022) afternoon. This affects a number of applications, websiteuntil the game that also fell.

Cloudflare itself is a service that acts as a bridge between visitors to a site or application and hosting. Cloudflare is in charge of securing and increasing the speed of data transfer between server.

The collapse of Cloudflare was also complained by a number of users on Twitter.

If we search by keyword “cloudflare down”then users will find various tweets that various internet services that rely on the Cloudflare system cannot be accessed.

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Monitoring KompasTekno on the site at around 14.11 WIB, there are already more than 200 reports saying that Cloudflare services, be it DNS, to websites web relying on it, cannot be accessed normally.

Downdetector Internet service that crashed because of Cloudflare Tuesday afternoon.

We also see a number of internet applications such as Discord to Valorant experiencing a rise in reports down.

Reports of not being able to access the Discord service increased to more than 140 reports as of 2:10 p.m. WIB, while at the same time, the number of reports saying that games Valuing fallen, there are about more than 130 reports.

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At the top of each report on various internet services on the page, there is information that states that the downtime of their service may be caused by the “Cloudflare” service that is currently running. error.

It is not clear what caused the Cloudflare service to crash. However, Cloudflare itself claims to have found the problem and is implementing a fix to get its services back to normal.

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“The Cloudflare team is aware of this service error issue and we will work as quickly as possible to fix it,” Cloudflare wrote on Twitter with handle @Cloudflare.