Clouds of killer mosquitoes hit southern United States

They sting the animal relentlessly until it becomes exhausted and empties of blood. Clouds of mosquitoes that have appeared in Louisiana are attacking deer, cows and horses in this region of the southern United States, reports The Associated Press.

After Hurricane Laura passed in late August, the mosquito population exploded, taking advantage of the humid climate and stagnant water. These mosquitoes have gathered to form swarms and attack all living things that are in their path.

A phenomenon already known

The first victims are farm animals, such as deer or cows. According to Craig Fontenot, an animal veterinarian based in the area, between 300 and 400 cattle have been killed by mosquitoes. One rancher said he lost around 30 deer on his property. A few horses were also attacked.

To avoid incessant bites, the animals keep moving. After a few hours, they become exhausted and eventually die. But this phenomenon of mosquito attacks on livestock is not new. Similar facts have already occurred after the passage of hurricanes Lili in 2002 and Rita in 2005.

Luckily, these mosquitoes do not a priori transmit diseases to humans.

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