Cloudy skies for Monday afternoon in New York, according to the weather forecast | Videos | Univision 41 New York WXTV

adams will join somecongressmen to propose aproject that seeks to avoid theseincidents. to the informationthis afternoon.the weather report.umbrella. this afternoon we couldhave some isolated showersand some snowflakes onlong island y new york.on the west side of longisland and new york couldthere will be snow this afternoon, everythingdepends on temperatures inthe next few hours.conditions to the stable inmuch of the region andwe have pleasant the bronx with 38° in thismoment.wind until 3:00 in theafternoon and then cloudy,probability of some flakesof snow after 5:00the afternoon.thermal sensation of 20° inthis moment. 31° inmonticello, 34° en poughkeepsie.more precipitation on Thursday.on Friday with 20 ° maximum,the same for the abado.cloudiness that stays all nightweek. we won’t see much sun