Club coach Alfred Schreuder does not think that Anderlecht is already exhausted for the title: “Can we still become champions?”


The gap is seven points, and there are fifteen more units to earn. The chance that Anderlecht will still become champions seems minimal. But Alfred Schreuder is wary just before his first move to the Astrid Park. Because he knows that a cat in a tight spot – especially against its arch-rival – can make strange jumps. “Look how they have recovered at Union,” said Schreuder.

Junior Verbeeke

Worried children are still not there with blue-black, where only young Audoor is unavailable. The blows that Lang – replaced against Antwerp – had to take last Sunday have now been processed. “Noa has been able to train all week and is in top shape,” Schreuder said during his press chat. So Club Brugge will drive au grand complete to the Astridpark on Sunday, where it can completely knock out Anderlecht. And more importantly: can put Union under pressure again. Although Schreuder sees it differently. “Whether there are only two title candidates left? I don’t agree with that,” he said. “The hole with us is but seven points. Can we still be champions? Everyone still has plenty of opportunities, and the prizes are only handed out at the end of the ride.”

Annoying series

In the meantime, Club Brugge has built up an annoying series: it has already been unable to win five matches against Anderlecht, and the last four matches ended in a draw. Good for the statistics, but not important, says Schreuder. Club’s last win dates back to October 2020 (3-0 at home, ed.)† “It doesn’t tell me much that it was five games ago,” he shrugs. “My group has already won against Anderlecht on a regular basis, so everyone stays calm. We prepared well for that match.” For the Dutchman it will be his first Anderlecht-Club Brugge. “It is the most prestigious match in Belgium, between the two teams with the most titles. Anderlecht is and will remain a big club, so that will be great.”


Schreuder also knows that it is a must for Anderlecht on Sunday. Even with a draw, the inhabitants of Brussels get nowhere. “I expect a very aggressive Anderlecht, and they still have something to put right”, nods Schreuder. “We have a bit of the same playing style, we want to play football. Their trainer Kompany thinks like us. But we are going to approach that match as we always do: our way.” Then, hopefully for Club, to catch up on Union. “Did I curse on Sunday? Not at all: I watched that match like all other matches. It went fairly quickly, but Anderlecht came back well and at halftime it could have been 2-2. Look how they have recovered. In the end it could have looked completely different. But we’re not going to talk about the previous game anymore: only Anderlecht counts now.”