Club Odeon has reopened after a fire accident

Update June 5, 2023, 12:28 p.m .: Odeon in Würzburg reopened after a serious accident

The Würzburg Club Odeon hat opened again. A few weeks ago there was a 20 year old from the district of Main-Spessart at a seriously injured in an illegal fire show. A waitress poured hard liquor on the counter and lit it. They attacked Flames to the young man, the heavy one Burns on the upper body and face suffered. According to media reports, as a result of his injuries, the man was in a artificial coma shifted.

A tour of the disco through the city has massive flaws in the disco revealed – structural, fire protection, organizational and operational management here. The club was therefore closed for the time being. “We too have to work through and reflect on ourselves how this terrible accident happened,” the operator said. Well, around four weeks after that fatal accident on Saturday (May 13, 2023) in the Odeon he has Club reopened. “We had another inspection last week and there were only small things – all of them major deficiencies have been eliminated. One Prohibition of use was no longer appropriate“, explains a spokesman for the city of Würzburg on Monday (June 5, 2023) when asked by

On social networks, Club Odeon announced a hip-hop event that took place last Saturday (June 3, 2023) at the disco. In addition to happy reactions, the community also digs deeper: “One time statements would be nice“, it says there, for example, from a user. “[…] Did you work it all out or how is it?”

Next Wednesday, Friday and Saturday the next events will follow: “This week in the Odeon Lounge!🤍”, announces the operator.

Update May 17, 2023, 10:50 a.m .: Man in an artificial coma – Würzburg disco Odeon closed for the time being

Last Saturday (May 13, 2023) was a 20 year old from the district of Main-Spessart in the Würzburg club Odeon Celebrate. The evening ended abruptly, however, when a waitress a fire show presented. She tilted to it spirits on the counter and lit it on. When she die Flames further fueled, griffen this on the man. He came with me severe burns in the head area in a hospital. Even a good four days after the accident, it seems to the 20-year-old no better to go. He is in one artificial comalike acquaintances of the man compared to the Main post confirmed.

The incident had occurred in Würzburg and the region for fright taken care of. Because actually is open fire according to the regulations in force at closed meeting places illegal – and about one special permit the Odeon did not decree either. The city also saw itself at one Reaction forced. The operators were summoned to City Hall on Monday. First measures were agreed, so should only have trained counter staff may serve. Across from a spokesman for the city also confirmed that one still has further sanctions speak.

They came promptly after one site inspection with the public order office, the office for civil and fire protection and the building supervision on Tuesday. were massive flaws found in the disco – and that Structurally, in terms of fire protection, organizationally and in terms of operational management. The operators now have to work through the list of deficiencies. And until this is done, the Odeon will remain closed. “The operational management is due to the identified deficiencies provisional and discontinued with immediate effect‘ a city official said Bavarian Radio (BR).

The operators of the Odeon have insightful shown and voted the temporary closure to. “To Processing and clarification of what happened we therefore decided today, together with the authorities of the city of Würzburg, to let the club operations rest for the time being,” said the responsible in an Instagram post. One would all interested through the usual channels Up to date hold.

In the post, the Odeon also commented on the accident itself for the first time. “We are still in shock and can hardly believe what happened on Saturday in the ODEON Lounge at one of our bars,” it says. At the same time, the operators spoke to the injured young man compassion from: “His speedy and full recovery is currently the most important thing”. process and reflecthow the accident happened – also about a comparable misfortune to prevent in the future.

Meanwhile, the police investigations recorded against an employee of the club. It’s about him suspicion of negligent bodily harm and the creating a fire hazard, said a police spokesman on Wednesday. In addition, the officials would have to clarify who was on the day Responsibility for the show at the bar where a flaming liquid had been ignited on the counter.

Update May 16, 2023, 2:15 p.m .: Man seriously injured in fire show in disco – this is how the city reacts

The incident continues to cause fright. In a Würzburg disco, a waiter tips over high-proof alcohol on the counter and ignites him an – probably one popular show in the club in the city center of Würzburg, as can also be seen in a video on TikTok. In the fiery display However, a man retired last weekend severe burns and had to be admitted to a hospital. “We are appalled that something like this is happening,” says Christian Weiß, press spokesman for the city of Würzburg BR.

The city has too first consequences pulled from the incident. On Monday (May 15, 2023), representatives of the administration quoted the operator for a meeting at City Hall. It’s him too first editions been granted, as opposed to Christian Weiß confirmed. That’s all I can do trained personnel standing at the counter – this applies above all to the instruction of the counter staff in all fire protection regulations. About more sanctions the city spokesman confirmed that it was still being discussed. However, Weiß emphasizes one thing very clearly: the fire show in the Würzburg disco was illegal. “It’s an open fire subject to approval“Said the spokesman for the city of Würzburg – and one special permit was not present in the case.

Thus, the disco was subject to the valid legal regulations, specifically the Bavarian ordinance on the construction and operation of places of assembly. It says literally: “This is in assembly rooms, on stages and scene areas and in sports stadiums Using open fire, flammable liquids and gases, pyrotechnic items and others explosive substances forbidden. The ban on use does not apply if the use of open fire, flammable liquids and gases and pyrotechnic objects in the kind of event is justified and the organizer takes the necessary fire protection measures in individual cases with the Fire department voted.”

Which to teach but now you pull out of the accident in the Würzburg discotheque – and you will now also in other clubs in the city Look more closely? According to Christian Weiß, the city administration in Würzburg already says: “We check regularly”.

Original message: Flames spread to man – severe burn injuries due to burning spirits

During a visit to a disco, a man dressed in Wuerzburg on Saturday evening (May 13, 2023) severe burn injuries to.

As the Police headquarters in Lower Franconia reports, the man was from the Main-Spessart district around 1 a.m. in a nightclub on Augustinerstraße in Würzburg when alcoholic drinks in the bar and counter area were ignited. The flames spread to the man, and this Burns to the upper body and face erlitt.

Victim suffers severe burns to upper body and face

The summoned rescue service brought the man in for further treatment hospital.  Die Würzburg criminal police has taken over the investigation and is also asking for help in this context witness references.

People who can provide information about what is happening in the discotheque or who have taken pictures or videos of the evening are asked to contact the Telephone number 0931 457-1732 contact the criminal police.

“We are appalled that something like this is happening,” says Christian Weiß, press spokesman for the city of Würzburg BR. For places of assembly such as discos there is a regulation that prohibits open fire. Neither the fire brigade nor the city of Würzburg was aware that employees of the nightclub on Augustinerstrasse used burning liquids. A special permit was never granted.

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