Clubs could sanction players for strike against Pact of Knights


Imago 7 MEXICO – The warning from the Mexican Association of Soccer Players to stop the work of the Liga Bancomer for day 17 if they do not get any response to eradicate the ‘Pact of Knights’, it could bring some problems to the players themselves, according to sports attorney Ricardo de Buen. The reason for this, explained the lawyer, is that the AMF is a civil association and not a union, so the clubs have the power to punish players by unjustifiably breaching a contract. “Let it be very clear that it is a legal approach and even being an advisor at some point I told them that I did not agree. I believe that any movement that tends to stop the actions, being a civil association, does not have the faculty for a strike. Maybe they can do it, but from a legal point of view, clubs can apply labor sanctions for an unjustified strike. From the real point of view it is a way of pressure, but if they have a mechanism it is through a union, “he said. Eradicating the ‘Pact of Knights’, continued De Buen is somewhat complex to be “a myth”, it is something not written in the regulations or somewhere. “It’s more of a myth, but the fight is relative and although they say they’re not going to do it, they’ll do it under the table. There are more important points to attack than the pact. It is good that there is a voice of the players, “he added. Ideally, insisted the same lawyer, clubs and managers must comply with what is regulated and respect the players’ contracts, once these are completed, because the legislation exists to make it so. “You just have to establish the regulation and you do not have to make changes, just apply the rules,” he said, while reminding that many times the players themselves are those that allow certain situations not to be met by signing double contracts or agreements that do not They are well reviewed. “It will depend a lot on the pressure of the athletes and that they denounce when they put two contracts in front of them and it is a responsibility of the athletes, but there is a way to denounce it,” he said.


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