Clubs open in Bavaria in October: Corona rules, PCR test, mask requirement – clubs and discos have been open since October 1st

  • Clubs and discos are allowed to reopen after the long compulsory Corona break in Bavaria.
  • away October allowed in Discos parties are being held again.
  • However, strict rules apply Access restrictions – especially for Unvaccinated.
  • PCR-Test and proof: Which corona rules apply in Bayern for going to the disco from October?

The night life in Bayern gets going again after a long second. After the closings during the Corona-pandemic people in Bavaria can now look forward to the opening from Clubs and Discos be happy. “The fact remains: we will be opening up Clubs and discos for October allow “, said Prime Minister Markus South (CSU) again in Munich at the end of September after a cabinet meeting. So it is sealed: You can dance and celebrate in the club again. But under which Corona conditions? All previous information here at a glance.

3G-plus at work, 2G in retail, test costs and the like - that's what the current ordinance in October says

Clubs in Bavaria will reopen on Friday, October 1st, 2021

After almost one and a half years of corona-related compulsory break, starting this Friday, October 1st, the clubs and Discos Bavarians are danced again, without any distance or mask. This was announced by the State Chancellery on Thursday, September 30, after a Cabinet decision in circulation with. One applies to visitors and employees with customer contact stricter 3G rule: Only vaccinated and convalescent people are admitted, or you have to show a negative PCR test. A rapid antigen test or a self-test are therefore not sufficient. Employees with customer contact must do a PCR test at least twice a week.

Loud music, dancing without a distance and the dispensing of drinks at the bar are permitted as is customary in the industry, it said. However, the state government insists on “consistent Controls“. Violations should be punished with a fine.

Corona rules in clubs in Bavaria: who can go to the disco?

Admission is only supposed to Vaccinated and convalescent get, or you have to negative PCR test show. Formally, this should be decided in the cabinet meeting – because of the aftermath of the federal election – this week on Thursday (09/30/21) instead of Tuesday. “Everyone can adjust to it,” said Söder. Currently the Hygiene guides Developed.

PCR test for the club – this applies from October 2021 in Bavaria according to the regulation

So far it is still unclear how old it is PCR-Test may be at most. In other areas, the test can currently be a maximum of 72 hours old, in other areas only up to 48 hours. From October 11th, rapid tests will no longer be free for everyone, and PCR tests will not be available anyway. “The current version of the test regulation contains remuneration rules for the assumption of costs. Accordingly, 11.50 euros are currently reimbursed for rapid tests and for PCR tests 43,56 Euro. The high of costs for chargeable tests from October 11, 2021 cannot be specified at the moment. The previous levels of remuneration can, however, be used as a basis for estimates, ”said a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Health of the BR on the radio“ Bayern 1 ”recently.

Where and from when?  - Unvaccinated people in BW, Bavaria, Hessen & Co have to pay attention to this

Club opening in Bavaria: Which discos will open on Friday, October 1st?

How many clubs and discos because of the Hygiene requirements actually open their doors to visitors remains to be seen. In any case, according to information from the German Press Agency, want to open, among other things:

  • the famous Munich night club P1
  • the Mach1 Club in Nürnberg
  • the Kesselhaus in Augsburg
  • and the Club Airport in Würzburg

Mask requirement, curfew, access: Corona rules in Bavarian clubs unclear

In addition to the Ambiguity The period of validity of a PCR test certificate has not yet been finally communicated, how many People per square meter will be admitted until when the Clubs in Bavaria to open are allowed and whether or when a Mask requirement consists. According to Bayerischer Rundfunk, it is also likely that the cabinet will allow operators to apply the 2G rule.

The details are still open, for example a possible elimination of the Mask requirement, the exact time of the openings and hygiene regulations in detail.

No more mask in class - Corona rules in schools on October 4th.  relaxed

Mask requirement in the club: Possible corona rules in Bavaria from October 2021

The corona rules in Baden-Württemberg are at least with regard to the Opening of the clubs a little looser. These have been allowed to reopen since September. the Mask requirement Does not apply on the dance floor or in the seating area (bar or tables) under the following conditions: In clubs that do not have an adequate ventilation concept, the applies 2G rule – So only vaccinated and convalescent have access – and a maximum occupancy of 70 percent. This applies where the air exchange rate is guaranteed Corona-Regel „3G“ with mandatory and negative PCR test evidence and full utilization. Visitors have to find out about the Luca-App or register another comparable app so that a Contact tracking is possible. The common goal is to quickly increase the vaccination rate so that the time-consuming PCR test can be omitted, according to the website of the state of Baden-Württemberg.