CM of Bodega Aurrerá saves the brand

  • The role of CM that brands such as Bodega Aurrerá or others have highlighted due to the great demand that consumers have for their service when faced with complaints about situations such as the sale of controlled eggs.

  • With a habit of interaction that has grown between consumers and brands on social networks, there is an exercise in integrating consumer needs from social networks.

  • It has been an important year in which all CM has been able to professionalize itself and even become strategic for native digital brands or brands with great influence in the market.

In the midst of various complaints on social networks, of course control over the sale of eggs in various supermarkets, the CM from Bodega Aurrerá has managed to get his brand out of the critics, assuring those complaining about not being able to get hold of several boxes of eggwhich are not a wholesale store.

There is an increase in the price of eggs and chicken that has been widely registered in regions such as Sinaloa, where access to these foods has become a challengefor which a key aspect is patented, being aware that greater access to these products at the point of sale must be guaranteed, for a greater number of consumers, thereby avoiding panic purchases and other dishonest activities that affect the consumer. .

After the series of criticisms that have been made on networks about this phenomenon, one in particular caught the attention of the CM of Bodega Aurrerá, when an alleged user of the store narrated that he bribed a person in the checkout line, so that he buy an extra carton of eggs, since it was limited to one per consumer.

The CM of Bodega Aurrerá gave a masterly response to a series of criticisms against the store, for allegedly controlling the sale of eggs per consumer.

The role of a good CM

The role of the CM has defined crucial activities before the consumer and thus reveals a very important challenge to meet and it is the one that has to do with the way in which the consumer has been involved in new communication habits within social networks.

As part of this exercise, all kinds of anecdotes have been seen to reach a time when brands rest an important part of their digital communication on their CM, in fact, many of them end up becoming the needle for or against a good story and how the actions they implement on social networks escalate.

Mission: be CM

The task of all CM is to become increasingly involved in activities that are not wasted and if they manage to bet on the way they end up getting involved in the consumer’s day-to-day life.

Under this exercise it is very interesting to identify how a task that began natively has become a critical activity to which we have to be vigilant. and most importantly, determined to define new work guidelines.

With this in mind, today’s challenge is increasingly to be able to better integrate the market and not only that, to add network users to understand innovative resources.”

Within social networks, not only has the role of CM been key for brands such as Bodega Aurrera, but also that of data narrator.

Throughout these years, the professionalization of CM’s work has led brands to a greater demand for their services and to understand which talents to integrate into this digital structure.

Undoubtedly being a CM is an activity that is not wasted today despite the controversy that has been uncovered on many occasions.

During an interview with Adela Micha, Eugenio Derbez said he was annoyed by the situation in which young people, he argued, are charged for managing their social networks, fact that Micha also overlapped, who criticized them, as he assured that the simple fact of working for Eugenio Derbez was enough.

After the unfortunate declaration of both, a letter circulated on social networks and was supposedly written by a community manager, who wrote:

“The millennials, those that Adela Micha says that we want everything right away, have bachelor’s, master’s and even doctorate degrees. We are overqualified for the positions they offer us, but we take almost anything because we have to survive (…) I, who was not born into an artistic family, who does not live in Miami and who does not rub shoulders with stars, I have to screw him, ” quoted the carta.

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