CMHK takes the stage to buy iPhone 14 / 14 Pro series and get up to $3360 off! 5G monthly plan is as low as $148-ePrice.HK

The much-anticipated iPhone 14 series is finally officially on sale! In addition to going to Apple’s official website to buy, in fact, many times it is more worth playing! Recently, China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) has launched the latest iPhone purchase discount. New customers can enjoy up to $3360 discount when they purchase the iPhone 14 series and choose a designated 5G service plan! And picking the Plan on the stage to buy the machine, first come and get the most? Wait for the editor to teach you, Let’s Go!

iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro series with CMHK ultra-fast 5G network, a perfect match!

The latest iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro series have their own characteristics. The most obvious difference from the past is that the iPhone 14 Pro series has changed the M-shaped bangs screen to a pill-shaped Dynamic Island design, which makes the visual screen and the Functions become more diverse. In addition, the current-generation iPhone 14 Pro series uses the newer and faster A16 Bionic processor. At the same time, it supports Always on Display for the first time, and the camera is upgraded to a 48MP sensor main lens, and is equipped with a 12MP ultra-wide-angle and 12MP telephoto lens as before, plus a new action mode, bringing a refreshing photography experience. In addition, both the iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro series support 5G networks. There is a strong machine king, of course, needs a good network to cooperate! CMHK’s 5G network has already been certified by Ookla, the parent company of Speedtest®, an internationally renowned independent speed testing platform. Last year, it won the “Fastest 5G Network in Hong Kong – 2021” award. Compared with other major 5G network providers in Hong Kong, the CMHK 5G network has the fastest download and upload speeds, and the experience with the iPhone 14 series must be more refreshing and faster.

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Enjoy up to $3360 discount on purchases with CMHK designated plans

And CMHK has launched the latest promotion for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro series. As long as you choose the designated 5G service plan, you can enjoy a 5G mobile phone reward eCoupon of up to $3360. You can deduct the price when you buy the phone later, and Make an appointment for a machine wash and pay a deposit in advance. For example, if you already plan to buy the iPhone 14 / iPhone 14 Pro series, you can enjoy 50GB 5G local data for only $248 per month, and you can also enjoy $2400 in 5G mobile phone rewards. After deducting the discount, you can sign a 24-month contract with the 50GB Plan The total cost is $3552, and the average monthly fee is only $148.

5G data usagemonthly feecontract periodeCouponafter discount
total cost
deduction discount
Average monthly fee

Use designated bank credit cards to apply for iPhone for Life $0 and take away original Apple accessories

I believe that everyone is familiar with the iPhone for Life service. As long as you purchase the latest iPhone by participating in the IPhone for Life program with a designated bank credit card, you can enjoy 33-month interest-free installment service. Customers need to pay for the first 24 Monthly instalments and within 30 days after the 24th monthly payment can choose:

(1) Return the iPhone to CMHK, offset the installment balance with the “Repurchase Value Guarantee”, and do not need to pay the remaining 9 months to the relevant bank, and can choose to upgrade the latest iPhone at a discounted price;

(2) Keep the original iPhone and continue to pay the balance in the form of monthly payment (the amount equal to the repurchase value).

The CMHK plan is applicable to the designated credit cards of Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC Bank and Hang Seng Bank, but here are some tips, if you use your Standard Chartered credit card to go to CMHK to buy the iPhone 14 / iPhone 14 Pro series, there will be more benefits! If you are new to the stage or ported to the 5G sharing plan, you can get a 35W dual USB-C port power adapter (valued at $399) and a MagSafe charger (valued at $299) for $0, and if you apply for a 5G local service plan, you can get it for $0 Go MagSafe Charger ($299 Value)! Net is Standard Chartered credit card customers first!

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