CNN reporter tried Tesla’s fully autonomous driving mode in New York and it almost killed him

The idea of ​​autonomous vehicles has been in the works for some time, and everyone, including Apple, is working on the development of such technology. Meanwhile, Tesla being one of the first in the segment to use full self-driving software (FSD), has been the closest to delivering one so far. While the company uses the technology in all of its cars, this awesome ability has repeatedly resulted in the car crashing into other vehicles. Even though technology is evolving rapidly to make the driving experience convenient, Tesla’s FSD is still nowhere near as safe and the experience of a CNN reporter was less than pleasant when he tested the latest version. technology beta. CNN reporter Matt McFarland tried Tesla’s FSD Beta software in New York City and the Model 3 car kept turning into oncoming traffic on several occasions. It is also worth mentioning that no self-driving car can be driven without human supervision and for this driving / experience McFarland sat in the back seat while another driver sat in the front seat ready to take control. total when needed. They decided to test the FSD Beta technology on Brooklyn’s Flatbush Avenue and the video showed clips of the ride, mostly focusing on the times when the Model 3 hesitated or tried to turn into traffic.

Meanwhile, the driver said he needs to take control of the autonomous FSD about every three blocks. While Mcfarland noted that the car would often make erratic turns and brake or accelerate at unexpected times.

“Getting honked was common,” he said. “Asking FSD to navigate Brooklyn was like asking a student driver to take a driving test they weren’t ready for yet,” McFarland added.

The report also mentions that buyers can purchase FSD Beta software for a one-time payment of $ 10,000 or $ 199 per month, if they wish to access the feature. However, after this experience, it is not surprising to see that their Beta technology still has a lot of work to do, as the FSD and Autopilot functions have been criticized over the past year.

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