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CNN tells Donald Trump Jr. he has passed on the father's ad because it is racist

Donald Trump Jr. had a complaint on Saturday morning.

CNN had refused to launch an election campaign published by his father, President Trump, a video showing Luis Bracamontes – an undocumented immigrant sentenced to murder two members of the California Sheriff – on immigration.

"I think they only deliver fake news and do not talk about real threats that do not fit their agenda." Trump Jr. tweeted, Link to a shorter 30-second version of the ad. "Enjoy. Remember it on Tuesday. #Vote #voterepublican"

CNN's public relations department immediately shot back at the president's eldest child and reiterated a statement that network reporters had made last week: The ad was racist.

"CNN has made it clear in its editorial coverage that this ad is racist." CNN PR has tweeted, "When we got the opportunity to get paid for one version of this ad, we declined. These are the facts. "

The full post the President posted and tweeted on Halloween showed smiling and dishonest Bracamontes boasting in the courtroom, "I've killed [expletive] Bulls are you [expletive] dead. I do not [expletive] regret that [expletive], , , , I will break out soon and kill more. "(In advertising, the actual goals are heard.)

The message that the ad is trying to telegraph is not subtle: migrants are murderers and criminals, and Democrats are the party that empowers them.

The ad "refrains from any reticence Trump may have used in his ambiguous immigration rhetoric," as Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple recently described in a column:

In his tweet for the video, Trump writes: "It is outrageous what the Democrats are doing to our country. Choose the Republicans now! "While the display in the courtroom is going through Bracamontes' heinous threats, it says in a banner:" DEMOCRATS LET HIM IN OUR LAND. "

The focus then shifts to footage of a caravan that has overcome overwhelming fences at a checkpoint, and then to a Fox News clip in which a migrant tells a translator he wants a pardon for the "crime he committed." ." tried. the crowd splashes across the screen, with this banner: "WHO SHOULD DRAG DEMOCRATS?"

… The video stigmatizes a large group of people of color as criminals – murderers who want to enter the law-abiding population of the United States. It is another in the long list of shocking but not surprising developments of Trump's presidency. This is Trump's comments on Mexico's "rapists" in video format.

As Wemple noted, after the ad was published, a number of media outlets abandoned the usual utterances – "racially charged," "racial," and the like – and labeled the ad "racist" (CNN), "divisive." (ABC-News) and "Angstmache" (HuffPost).

In addition, the lines about Democrats leaving Bracamontes in the country did not stand up to any factual checks, as reported by Eli Rosenberg of The Post. Bracamontes was deported in 1997 and 2001 under Democratic and Republican governments. Bracamontes was also arrested in Phoenix in 1998 and released.

When Trump Jr. was angered by the CNN retort, he did not show it. The president's son, who once claimed to lead the family business so much that he had almost no contact with his father, has been aggressively fighting for several Republican candidates in recent weeks.

Throughout Saturday, Trump Jr. reiterated other CNN-critical figures, including attacks on CNN anchor Don Lemon, who recently said "the country's biggest terrorist threat is white men." Trump Jr. also shared a clip with a CNN interviewer to which she thought was a random person at a rally for Florida Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum. The person turned out to be Gillum's mother.

"No wonder you're the wrong name in the news. #fakenews, "Trump Jr. tweeted at CNN.

Like his son, President Trump has routinely attacked CNN on Twitter and in his congressional speeches. The president once tweeted a doctoral video, knocking down a man representing CNN. Another time he retweeted a picture showing "CNN" under his shoe.

On Saturday, CNN officials have included an apple emoji in its response to Trump Jr., pointing to the campaign's "Facts First" that the station had launched last year to try to get the claims of Trump and his supporters fight that the network is "false news". Although CNN's "Facts First" video never called Trump by name, it hinted at tactics the president used.

"This is an apple, some people may try to tell you it's a banana," the ad said. "You could scream banana, banana, banana over and over again, you could put BANANA in all caps could even start to believe that this is a banana.

"But it is not, this is an apple."

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