CNN: The Russians shot and killed two unarmed civilians on the outskirts of Kiev. There is a recording | News from the world

The incident took place on March 16 near a car showroom. The material compiled from recordings from several cameras shows five Russian soldiers entering the property.

Two men working in the salon came to the soldiers. According to CNN, one of them is the owner of a car dealership (the details of which have not been disclosed), and the other – 68-year-old Leonid Pliac, who worked there as a security guard.

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The Ukrainians approached with their hands raised and were searched by the Russians. After a short conversation, the men left and everything seemed to be safe from the soldiers. Suddenly, the Russians were about to shoot the Ukrainians in the back. They both fell to the ground.

Attention. Drastic video leaked by CNN TV

The 68-year-old got up after a while and went to the guard booth to call for help. In a telephone conversation, he reported that the Russians only asked for their data and asked for cigarettes. When the Ukrainian soldiers arrived, it turned out that the guard had already lost a lot of blood. They treated him and tried to provide first aid, but the Russians started shooting at the place, which made the action difficult. The man ultimately did not survive.

– They are executioners. It’s terrible, because my father was a civilian, he was 68 years old, he was a calm, unarmed man – Leonid Pilac’s daughter said in an interview with CNN.

The recordings show how soon after the incident, the Russians were calmly robbing the office and raising toasts.

The war in Ukraine

The Russians are storming the positions of the Ukrainian army in Donbas. They crossed the Donets River there. In the south of Ukraine, the invader’s army fired artillery at Ukrainian positions in the vicinity of Mykolaiv, Zaporizhia and Kryvyi Rih.

As we read in the Thursday morning report of the Ukrainian General Staff, issued in the 78th era of the war, the Russians in Donbas led an assault towards Lyman, Severodonetsk, Bakhmut, Avdiivka and Kurachowy. The main goal of the Russians is to establish full control over Rubiżny and seize Lyman and Severodonetsk.

The Russians, it was written, had some success in the Severodonetsk area. The Ukrainian army also informs that the Russians crossed Donets near Łyman. It is reported that they are moving equipment there in order to build a pontoon bridge.

The Russians are bombing the Azwostal plants in Mariupol intensively, which are still being defended by Ukrainian soldiers.


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