CNN’s 50 Best Breads in the World, There’s Bread Gambang from Indonesia – CNN released a list of the 50 best bakeries in the world. One of them is Bread Gambang from Indonesia.

There are also baguette from France, paratha from India, roti canai from Malaysia, tortillas from Mexico, and biscuits from the United States.

The list of the 50 best breads in the world version CNN it is released randomly, not by top or bottom rating.

For more, see the list of the 50 best breads in the world, as reported by CNN the following.

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Bread xylophone is known as bread old school Dutch heritage, even often considered as another form of gingerbread typical Dutch.

This snack is brown in color and has a sweet taste that comes from a mixture of palm sugar and cinnamon.

In addition, the texture of Gambang bread tends to be dense so it is usually served with hot coffee or tea.

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2. BiscuitsUnited States of America

Biscuits that are widely known in Indonesia are different from biscuits from the United States. The reason is, biscuits from the United States are made from low protein flour, butter, salt, milk, and coconut milk baking powder.

The shape of this biscuit is round and expands like bread. The texture is also soft, unlike pastries which have a thin and crunchy shape.

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3. Appam, Sri Lanka

Shutterstock/AALA IMAGES.jpg Illustration of appam, bread from Sri Lanka.

Appam It is a bread from Sri Lanka. The shape of this snack is similar to the ape or pancake cakes that are widely sold in Indonesia.

Batter appam made from a mixture of fermented rice flour and coconut milk and cooked until crisp.

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4. Gyeran-ppangSouth Korea

Illustration of gyeran-ppang, a bread from South Korea.shutterstock/M Stocker. Illustration of gyeran-ppang, a bread from South Korea.

Gyeran-ppang is a bread from South Korea that is often called “egg bread” because it contains whole eggs.

This savory snack is usually served as a breakfast menu and is widely sold by street vendors in Seoul.

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5. TortillasMexico

Illustration of a pile of Mexican tortillas on a cutting board. SHUTTERSTOCK/AFRICA STUDIO Illustration of a pile of Mexican tortillas on a cutting board.

Next, there is tortillas or tortillas from Mexico which are included in the list of the 50 best breads in the world version CNN.

The self-made tortilla dough is made from a mixture of corn and alkaline ingredients, such as lime, then milled until thin. Tortillas can be eaten raw or made into taco.

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6. Roti canai, Malaysia

Illustration of roti canai served with curry. SHUTTERSTOCK/SZEFEI Illustration of roti canai served with curry.

Roti canai is a snack from Malaysia. This bread recipe is believed to have originated from Indian immigrants.

Slightly different from most breads, bread canai made without yeast so that the shape does not expand large.

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7. Kare pan, Japan

illustration of curry pan, bread from Japan. shutterstock/AS Food studio. illustration of curry pan, bread from Japan.

Kare pan or curry bread is a fried bread from Japan that has a soft texture and a savory taste.

This savory dish can be eaten directly or served with Japanese curry.

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8. ParathaIndia

Paratha DIRGA CAHYA Paratha bread

Paratha similar to bread canai from Malaysia. This savory bread is round in shape which has a thin layer of fat.

Bread from India that has been made since hundreds of years ago can be eaten directly or sprinkled with a savory filling.

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9. BaguetteFrance

French baguette illustrationDock. Unsplash/Sergio Arze French baguette illustration

10. Pai bao, Hong Kong

Pai bao made using the method tangzhong which makes the texture feel very soft.

Taste pai bao similar to milk and has a high humidity that lasts for days.

11. BolaniAfghanistan

12. LavashArmenia

13. Damper breadAustralia

14. LuchiBangladesh

15. Cheese breadBrazil

16. Montreal bagelsYou have

17. marraqueta, Chile

18. ShaobingChina

19. Cuban breadBecause

20. LibbaEgypt

21. PupusasThe Savior

22. InjeraEthiopia

23. KhachapuriGeorgia

24. PumpernickelGermany

25. Dark rye breadIceland

26. SangakIran

27. Soda breadIreland

28. ChallahIsrael

29. CiabattaItalia

30. Bammy breadJamaica

31. Taboon breadJordan

32. ? ob? of MalteseMalta

33. Khobz kesraMorocco

34. Fry breadNavajo Nation

35. tiger bread, Dutch

36. R? You par? Oa, New Zealand

37. LefseNorway

38. PodplomykPoland

39. Corn breadPortugal

40. KaraavaiRussia

41. Carasau breadSardinia

42. ProjaSerbia

43. KisraSudan and South Sudan

44. clean breadSweden

45. be afraid of balepTibet

46. Simit,Turki

47. CrumpetsGreat Britain

48. NonUzbekistan

49. ArepaVenezuela

50. MalawachYemen

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