Co-creator of the ‘mod’ Fallout London lands a job at Bethesda

Fallout London is an impeccable ‘mod’ for Fallout 4 created by a team of Bethesda game fans. Two of its creators, Ryan Johnson (lead technical advisor) and Dean Carter (project manager), received job offers from Bethesda.

Fallout London is an ambitious project that will see the light of day in 2023. Located in the United Kingdom, the creative team seeks to offer an experience comparable to official downloadable content. Following Johnson and Carter’s announcement, fears centered on whether the study microsoft developer would force them to cancel the future release of the ‘mod’.

Johnson accepted the job offer to work at Bethesda as an associate level designer, stating that his decision will have no impact on the side project. The design documentation that Johnson leaves for Fallout London it is robust enough and the team will be able to work with it without problems, not without missing their partner.

For his part, Carter received an offer to work at Bethesda UK and Fallout 76but declined to continue working on the ‘mod’. “It’s not easy to turn down your life’s dream to work on a project for free again… your generosity and dedication to the team is something we should ALL appreciate.”says the statement via Twitter.

Bethesda will not force to cease and desist the development of the ‘mod’ Fallout London. The company’s games are known for an active community in the mod scene. The one in London is not the only one of its kind, but it is one of the most impressive to date.

Via: GameSpot