CO2 credit token MCO2 is now on Gemini. listed


MCO2 is an emission credit token that is traded by Moss.Earth. An MCO2 token corresponds to a CO2 credit. This asset can now be found on the world’s largest stock exchanges (like Gemini). The pass goes through several processes to ensure the safety and reliability of the product.

MCO2 is the first token based on CO2 credits on Gemini

The MCO2 token is an asset that makes the emission allowance market more democratic, safer, more dynamic and more liquid. No longer just an additional cost to polluting companies, carbon credits are an asset that can be sold on international exchanges around the world. By using blockchain and digital wallets, Moss.Earth improves the transparency of transactions and increases the security of trading these assets.

There are clear trends that strongly support market growth and the entry of individuals and civil society organizations into financial markets. Here you can now buy and trade MCO2 on Gemini.

How can I help improve the planet?

The MCO2 token democratizes carbon offsetting. Carbon credits are digital certificates that are issued by companies and environmental projects and can be sold to individuals and companies that need or want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The standard definition of emission certificates is as follows: 1 emission certificate = 1 T CO2 emissions that were avoided at a certain point in time in the past.

In other words, emission allowances represent two aspects: the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that a company or individual promises not to emit or avoid, and the amount of carbon dioxide avoided through environmental projects or sustainable activities.

The Carbon Credit Initiative places great emphasis on organizations that protect the environment and afforestation, which makes carbon credits more beneficial as a form of environmental protection.

Almost as important, the resources extracted to maintain the vitality and status of the Amazon forest help environmental organizations improve the living conditions of people in the community and have a positive impact on their lives and the region’s GDP.

To learn more about the project, please visit the website and follow the team on YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram. Here you can now buy and trade MCO2 on Gemini.

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