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Coach Kyle DeVan will smooth out the O-Line

With the Arizona Football Team's Spring Practices, the offensive line concerns at this point are a bit over-the-top and premature.

Always an area of ​​concern for a football football team of the first division. You must have a good offensive line to open holes. For the Arizona football team, things in the offensive line are still a bit unsettled.

If you looked at the Spring Scrimmage on Saturday, you probably saw the wildcats fighting along the offensive line. Of course, that should not come as a surprise.

First, Arizona had to replace former coach Joe Gilbert. If you remember, Gilbert came to Wildcat's coaches last season. After spending only a year in Tucson, he returned to the NFL to work for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Gilbert's experience and wealth of knowledge led to an offensive that was decimated by injuries, suspensions and wear and tear in the past year. The group was pretty solid at the end of the season, but it certainly did not start that way.

Now that Gilbert has left, the Wildcats will turn to newly hired position coach Kyle DeVan. * Notice, Kyle was one of my best choices to replace Gilbert, and I'm glad the Wildcats did that.

DeVan had some solid pieces to inherit, but in the end he lost guys like; Michael Eletise (transfer), Nathan Eldridge (graduate transfer), Layth Friekh (graduate), Thiyo Lukusa (out of the squad) and Alex Kosinski (out of the squad).

Especially in Donovan layman, Cody Creason, Josh McCauley, Steven Bailey and Bryson Cain, he has great success. DeVan also has junior college transfers, which may include Paiton Fears and Josh Donovan, Robert Congel and David Watson. Edgar Burrola returns with more experience and Mykee Irving has stepped out of the line of defense.

So there's talent, it just seems that the experience is pretty limited, and the depth can be a bit thin.

The challenge is in the pipeline, but I am confident that coach DeVan will make them turn around! Gelling takes some time and I'm confident the wildcats will do it! At the moment we just have to be patient.

Either way, I have to love the coaching style DeVan brings to every exercise!

For me, this is a group that I believe will fight back a little too early, but when they feel more comfortable and get in contact with each other, they become faster and better.

Still, it's nice to have a guy who bought the guys and gets involved.

At Zona Zealots, we are confident in this group, and I think coach DeVan will be a true coach and will make it this year. He has some solid pieces to work with, we just have to be patient! Bear down, Arizona!


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