Coal India wants a coal export policy before it can conclude commercial contracts for the export of dry fuel, a senior CIL official said.

"There is a need for policy, but we are not aggressive because we are in high demand in the domestic market and the initial goal is to achieve that," the senior Coal India official told PTI.

"We are in the process of conducting a dialogue for export to Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan to create a long-term market and a very small amount of coal is being exported to neighboring countries through bilateral agreements," he said.

Previously, the government planned to export high-ash or higher-grade coal. Coal India was looking for export opportunities when coalmining reached 70 million tonnes in May 2017.

Coal mine finds a relatively low interest due to evacuation and cost problems.

With the sudden demand from the electricity sector, the stockpiles had reduced to 23 million tons. In recent months, the miner has failed to meet the demand for coal for power and non-energy sectors such as aluminum and cement.

Coal India had corrected its internal production target to 652 million tonnes, compared to 630 million tonnes previously used by the Ministry to increase production.


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