COASTAL ROAD. The operations of the fragmentation of the block suspended in the cliff took place this Friday morning. To save time, these are expenses military and not civilian, which have been exceptionally used thanks to the military assistance of the Fazsoi.

This is the day J. This morning at 11: 30 a.m., the rocky block of 250 tonnes threatening to tumble down the cliff was “fragmented” in the middle of an improvised explosive device. It is a transaction outside the norm. Because the regional service in charge of maintenance of the road along the coast has sought the assistance of outstanding Fazsoi, the armed Forces of the southern zone of the Indian ocean, in order to obtain a result much more efficient and thus allow a reopening fastest of the road.

“We’re going to carry out the fragmentation in a single explosion, not by process hydraulic because otherwise he would have had fifteen days to bring down the block, but using explosive charges military. These products are more powerful and therefore more effective, which will be used, ” explained Eric Lame of the DRR before the operation. It is a very valuable support. Thanks to the help of the army, we can expect to reopen the road as soon as Monday morning, if the weather is inclement.”

These are the artificers of Fazsoi which will themselves load of explosive, about 10 o’clock, the holes made during the last two days in the rocky block. They will wait then for the passage of the last convoy of heavy vehicles to 11 hours prior to the firing.

The operation was not visible from the road. An important security perimeter has been delineated by the army. The single point of observation ? At the end of the dike the construction site north of the new coastal road. It is from the remote site of the cliff that a handful of officials in the Region, and journalists took part in security operations.

All the preparatory work for this operation “fragmentation” has been produced by the team of cordistes of the company Roc’s. These specialists work in dangerous areas and have yesterday finished the holes in the rock. “We finished at noon. Just before the beginning of the episode rainy and stormy that has affected the whole of the island and therefore also the sector of the coastal road, says Clement Wood, the chief executive officer. We were able to put the box in security for tomorrow morning (this morning, N.D.L.R.).”

Thursday, the cordistes have drilled a total of twenty drill holes through the block to two-thirds. The explosives slipped inside must help to fragment the rock into several pieces so that they end up, ideally, run in the gap behind the gabions.

The purging will begin Saturday after a new inspection of the cliff and the gabions will be strengthened at the level of the area affected by the landslide that occurred last week. He must now hope that the weather is clement…

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