Coca-Cola, YouTube, Lego, Nike and Apple, best brands for Generation Alpha

This is the first edition of the Alphas’ Best Brand awards given by the boys and girls of the Alpha Generation (6-12 years old) in Spain

The Alphas´ Best Brand awards, given by the boys and girls of the Alpha Generation to the best brands in Spain, have been delivered within the framework of the 10th Child and Teen Consumption Conference, organized by the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM ) in the Faculty of Information Sciences.

By categories of the Alphas’ Best Brand ranking, in food, Coca-Cola holds the first position, followed by Fanta in second place and Aquarius in third place (the three brands belong to The Coca-Cola Company); in entertainment, we find YouTube in first place, followed by Netflix and Disney, in second and third place respectively; in toys, Lego leads the ranking, after Barbie (Mattel) in second position and Toy Mini Brands (Bandai) in third position; in fashion, we would have Nike leading the category, Zara (Inditex) in second place and Adidas in third place; finally, in technology, Apple leads the ranking, followed by Samsung in second place and in third place we find Huawei and HP.

The methodology of the awards has been developed based on the BRIK Reputation Model designed by The Onion Inside and the Chair of Digital Communication in Childhood and Adolescence of the UCM. The model, which was presented during the awards ceremony, has six indicators to identify which factors build the reputation of companies from the point of view of boys and girls from 6 to 12 years old. These factors are that it is cool, that it is of quality, that it does not lie, that it is popular, knowing that it is at home, that it takes care of the planet and that its products are healthy (in the case of food products).