Coco, the odyssey of the “prisoner” dog in an Argentine airport moves social media

“Release Coco.” It is the cry that is rising from social media in these hours for the story of a one and a half year old dog detained in the main Argentine airport and who risked deportation to the country of origin because he did not have the required vaccination.

The odyssey of this dog has become one of the main trends on social media in Argentina after news spread that the Argentine health service intends to ban entry to the animal that does not have an international certification of the rabies vaccination.

The dog has been in the Ezeiza airport since Wednesday, arriving from Hungary, with an intermediate stop in Colombia. Its owner, Franco Gavidia, 30, is an Argentine volleyball player, he was part of a Spanish team and then of the Hungarian Sbs Eger. The dog was adopted by his daughter. “Coco is a member of my family,” said the player, acknowledging that the vaccine had been given nine days before but that in the rush of the decision to leave Hungary he had not checked the documentation.

In a statement, the National Service for Health and Agri-Food Quality (Senasa) reported that a pet “from Europe, which made a stopover in Colombia” was found without the necessary documentation. The dog had «the vaccination expired and therefore cannot enter», the document reads.

Guerra confirmed that eight days had passed since that vaccine expired, but the family didn’t believe there would be any problems since he passed immigration checks in Hungary and at the Paris and Bogotá airports.

After more than 36 hours of stalling, Senasa reported that the animal has received authorization to be vaccinated and will have to remain in quarantine for 10 days “in the customs facilities inside Ezeiza International Airport” and that “this decision it was taken in a joint effort between Senasa and Customs, and in a permanent dialogue with the owner of the animal ».

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