Coconut Water is Beneficial to Treat Corona?

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WE Online, Jakarta

Covid-19 infection is known to be very threatening to people with comorbid diseases. If exposed to the corona virus, the severity can be doubled in patients with these comorbidities.

According to Maya Surjadjaja, sufferers of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and kidney disease, are prone to infection with Covid-19 with a high level of severity. The reason is that the comorbid conditions interfere with the sensitivity of the body’s immunity to infection.

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“This comorbid condition is basically if there is inflammation and this is not visible. It is called silent inflammation which disrupts our body’s immune response and accelerates the strong inflammatory response. When the virus enters, the infection will be very fast,” said Doctor Maya in a webinar entitled The Dangers of Complementary Diseases. Covid-19 patient, some time ago.

One of the recommendations for nutritional fulfillment that can reduce the risk of comorbidities is to consume young coconut water. Doctor Maya revealed, according to a number of studies, coconut water has benefits in preventing the risk of chronic disease, which is a scourge of Covid-19 infection.

In diabetics, said doctor Maya, the magnesium content of coconut water can be useful for increasing insulin sensitivity. Meanwhile, in hypertension, coconut water can lower systolic blood pressure, if consumed regularly for two weeks. In heart sufferers, coconut water can be useful for lowering cholesterol.

Doctor Maya stated, based on a number of studies, coconut water has anti-inflammatory properties that could potentially be useful in preventing the severity of comorbid conditions in Covid-19 patients.

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“Young coconut water is useful as an anti-inflammatory (potent anti-inflammatory) while Covid-19 has pro-inflammatory properties,” said Doctor Maya.



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