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Code promo GObyAVA / AVA Assurances

by archyw

When you go on WHV Australia, health insurance is not compulsory but STRONGLY recommended! Indeed, the costs can be high and without insurance, your adventure can turn into a nightmare! But health insurance is valid for any stay you make abroad! Indeed, if you go on a road trip for several months in Asia, on an internship in South America or on a humanitarian mission in Africa, you need insurance! For my part, I chose GObyAVA and I am offering you a GObyAVA (AVA Assurances) promo code to save a few euros on your next trip! I’ll explain everything to you!

Why take health insurance when traveling?

This is a question I am often asked “Is health insurance compulsory to leave?” »So no, it is not compulsory if you go on WHV Australia, on the other hand, it can save you on the other side of the world !! Indeed, when I left in 2017, I contracted a urinary tract infection! Well know that when you are thousands of kilometers from your landmarks, your family and your loved ones, you tell yourself that you did well to take out travel insurance! I explain to you HERE my adventure at the Australian hospital and frankly, I was delighted to have insurance!

So yes, I strongly advise you to take travel insurance when you leave! Whether in WHV, around the world or for an internship of several months !!

Download my Mai Lo is in Oz app, to help you with your WHV Australia.

What is the difference between GObyAVA and AVA Assurances?

Another question that comes up often is the difference between GObyAVA and AVA Assurances! Well there is none !! AVA Assurances is the “official” name for health insurance and GObyAVA is the nickname for social networks! But if you subscribe to AVA Assurances or to GObyAVA, it is indeed the same contract that you will have! And so, the GObyAVA promo code is also an AVA Assurances promo code!

5% reduction in GObyAVA / AVA Assurances

If you are looking for a GObyAVA promo code or an AVA Assurances promo code, you have come to the right place! I have a very good relationship with the trade manager and I was even able to negotiate 5% off with the promo code TRAVEL ! Thus, when you enter TRAVEL when you subscribe, you will automatically have a reduction ????

There are no small savings so take advantage! On a trip of several months, you will be able to save and thus enjoy life there.

GObyAVA promo code per contract

If you are afraid of forgetting the TRAVEL promo code to benefit from a 5% reduction on your contract, I offer you direct links to the various travel insurance contracts. You will have the reduction directly applied to the price by clicking on the contract that corresponds to you:

GObyAVA promo code 5% off Working Holiday Health Plan

GObyAVA promo code 5% reduction Plan Santé AVAnture

GObyAVA promo code 5% reduction Plan Santé Studies

GObyAVA promo code 5% discount Au Pair Health Plan

GObyAVA promo code 5% discount Young Active Health Plan

GObyAVA promo code 5% Tourist Card discount

There you have it, you now have everything you need to benefit from the TRAVEL promo code and get 5% off your contract! As a reminder, I explain in detail why I chose GObyAVA and not Chapka to go to WHV Australia. I now recommend GObyAVA to anyone who asks me!

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