Coffee Break Cafay Break # 438 – Mass Effect: BioWare wants our review


Chronic Coffee Break # 438 – Mass Effect: BioWare wants our review

To leave a weekend of 3 days to chain a new weekend of 3 days, it is still the foot. It should always be like that, especially when a big game like Death Stranding is waiting for us at home … Come on, before the Weekend, we're off to a Cafay Break.

Mass Effect: BioWare wants our opinion

We start with BioWare telling us about the future of the Mass Effect series! Finally, who speaks to us, it is quickly said that the American studio rather rather make us talk. Indeed, yesterday was the N7Day, which is a little the day of the annual Mass Effect festivities, and for the occasion BioWare asks players to communicate their desires for the rest of the series! To do this, it's happening on Twitter with the # N7Day. The general manager of the studio Casey Hudson still says that BioWare already has ideas for the future, but I think it must be seen as a rabibochage operation after a Mass Effect Andromeda that was not up to the previous episodes of after criticism and the public. Hey, 87, what are you waiting for a new Mass Effect?

What is certain is that the next Mass Effect is not for now as a new Dragon Age should land before … well, normally.

Activision: Long live the mobile game

At the beginning of November, many big studios and video game publishers present their financial results, and Activision. President Coddy Johnson took the opportunity to talk about the future ambitions of the company, which will obviously pass by mobile games. If the idea is not to let the other platforms to abandon, Activision is mainly intended to adapt its flagship licenses and bring an audience already conquered on other horizons. Well, the success of Call of Duty Mobile would not be for something Panthaa?

We can imagine a Crash Bandicoot platformer, even a Crash Team Racing racing game, or the return of Spyro, with or without the Skylanders. Yeah, there is the choice what.

Nintendo: The Stretchers, the surprise game available today

When it comes to communicating, Nintendo never does what others do, which has been quite successful so far. So without warning that the box has released The Stretchers, a cooperative game on Nintendo Switch! The principle is rather fun: the players embody a duo of rescuers who each hold the end of a stretcher. We must bring injuries while avoiding crazy obstacles, which requires a great coordination to avoid the accident. You must also travel by ambulance from one point to another as quickly as possible. In the design and the cooperative concept, we feel a great inspiration Overcooked and it is not displeasing to us, but we must see if the rest hold the road. We keep you informed quickly anyway.

And finally, The Outer World with a shotgun pump very well placed! That's it for today, Tuesday for a new Cafay Break!

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