Coffee farmers demand fertilizer – El Buen Tono


Juan Jose Enriquez
the good tone

Orizaba, Ver.- Faced with the request to include Veracruz in the Emerging Organic Fertilizer Program for the coffee sector, it is expected that there will be no intermediaries and that the Executive itself will decide, because many times it sends officials who only lie to the president himself.
Questioned about this, Nicolás Cortez Cruz, leader of the National Association of Coffee Producers, said that they expect a favorable response from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and that if he cannot attend the meeting with the representatives of the sector who will explain his situation, minor assigns people who can have a decision to be able to reach an agreement together.
“Then we have meetings with representatives of the agricultural sector and there is no one to mediate and we go to those meetings that are often headless and things are not as we proposed them,” said Cortez Cruz.
He pointed out that it is extremely important that they be supported with this fertilizer program so that they can progress on their coffee farms.
The producer mentioned that this sector is forgotten and it is necessary to have fertilization and infrastructure programs, as well as plant programs, and at the same time take another step in the coffee sector.
“It is necessary because they cut off all our productive projects, we don’t have any of that, there is absolutely no support for infrastructure, no support for machinery, no support for plants; the only support that exists in coffee is the 5 thousand pesos a year that they give us and that is insufficient. We need the push of the President of the Republic so that we coffee growers are in another situation”.