Coffee, lunch or dinner: 12 x tasty food and drinks around the KMSKA (Antwerp)

1. Magazine

It’s not for nothing that Revista is Spanish for magazines. Stacks of magazines are neatly displayed here for you to leaf through while you wait for your museum date. In addition, the shop has been a permanent coffee value in the South for 16 years. With its delightful terrace and charming service, it was one of the first coffee bars in Antwerp. Stickers also get their money’s worth here, because Revista transforms into an apero bar towards the evening.

Karel Rogierstraat 47

2. Showcase

If you walk past Revista to the Marnixplaats, you will come across Vitrin. You can take that name as true, because you are literally behind a window. Vitrin was one of the pioneers who made the Marnixplaats hip and offered Aperol Spritz in fancy glasses. You not only drink cappuccino, but also nitro-infused coffee from Uphill in Ghent. Adding nitrogen to cold coffee gives it a creamy taste. From the afternoon, the beers take over from the coffee. The terrace is your ideal base to watch famous people pass by.

Marnixplaats 14

3. Coffee & Vinyl

Coffee & Vinyl is one of those places where you almost forget that coffee is being served. Here it is all about music, which means that (inter)national musicians are also featured here. You can browse through old records or offer your own collection for sale. There is a nice atmosphere where nothing has to be done and you lose track of time. Let the hours pass or set an alarm if you want to be at the museum on time.

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45 Volkstraat

Coffee & Vinyl. — ©  RR

1. Album

Barista Toon Craen created Broer Bretel on the Eilandje in the distant past. For his minimalist breakfast and lunch shop Album, he teamed up with Joris Gielen, who already earned his stripes in restaurant Veranda. The creative preparations are wonderful, light and above all very tasty. Bring a large bag so you can pack another home-baked, unsurpassed sourdough bread for home.

Flemish quay 6

Album. — ©  RR

2. Pure

Directly opposite the museum is Murni, an ideal address for those who want to go on a healthy tour. The plates are overflowing with fresh, colorful vegetables, seeds and legumes. Meat is occasionally on the menu here, but you prefer to indulge in filling vegetarian or even vegan dishes. We prefer to have lunch here, but a large fruit breakfast or dinner with a Middle Eastern touch is also possible here.

Leopold de Waelplaats 10

Pure. — © Joris Herregods


It presents itself as a breakfast restaurant, but fortunately the dishes at MOSS are so rich and generous that you are happy to order them later in the day. Whether you opt for a pastrami sandwich or put together a plate with treats from the counter, prepared by chef Dennis Broeckx, your sandwich is baked anyway. While you wait, take a look at all the cheerful and original products that MOSS displays in its fresh interior.

Volkstraat 11

1. Tannin

In this urban winery tralala is not done. Here it’s all about being together, ambiance and a varied wine selection. The focus of the Thai sommelier and owner Tawat is mainly on European wines, but there are also some interesting bottles from the new world to discover. The only danger is that you might linger there too long, but then there are nice, small dishes that will take you out of the mist.

Volkstraat 50

Tannin. — © Axelle

2. Divine by Sepi

Iranian sommelier Sepideh Sedaghatnia has been running gastrobar Divin for several years now. Her kitchen team prepares Belgian products in an Iranian way and Sepi always serves a matching glass of wine with great flair. But you can also choose one of the 1500 wines in reverse and add a small dish to share. A wonderfully stylish place to let the many art impressions descend on you.

Entrenchment Street 5-7

Sepideh Sedaghatnia. — © Jan Van der Perre

3. BelRoy’s Bijou

You don’t have to look far where the name comes from: mixologists Ben Belmans and Dieter Van Roy own this gem of a cocktail bar. In a dark and atmospheric setting, as classy as the outfits of the bartenders, you can enjoy premium cocktails such as a James Bond’s Vesper Martini. BelRoy’s only works with untreated fruit and even the ice balls are the perfect match for your drink.

Graaf van Egmontstraat 20

1. The artist

We couldn’t possibly ignore this monument. Not only because of the incredibly tasty stew, but also for the atmosphere and the authentic interior that makes you feel like you’re in Paris. In Den Artist brasserie you can sit down from morning to evening for well-kept Belgian classics and eat among locals and people who come to hear about a recently concluded business deal. From the terrace you have a first-class view of the museum.

Museumstraat 45

2. Lewis

Restaurant Lewis overlooks the side of the museum and takes over the entire corner of the street with its cozy terrace. In this former rendezvous hotel, the Kempen resident Thomas Snijders has been cooking in his own swinging way for three years now. Don’t expect ‘licked-up’ plates, but beautiful products hitchhiked with delicate sweets. The rough interior, the smooth service and the music present make Lewis pure rock ‘n’ roll.

Painter Street 25

Lewis. — © Joris Herregods

3. 5 Flavors Mmei

Michael Leung was twice Asian of the Year at Gault&Millau, but many still don’t know that this top address moved from Chinatown to the South. His dim sums are even better than in his former Fong Mei case. Funny faces color every bite and there are also vegetarian variants. Whether you take a full menu or just a portion of thick udon noodles with the sauce dripping generously, at 5 Flavors Mmei you always leave in good spirits.

Volkstraat 37

5 Flavors Ms — © Marie Monsieur