Coffee producers ask AMLO to integrate Veracruz into the fertilizer program

The coffee producing sector of Veracruz asked the president of the republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, for the integration of Veracruz into the Fertilizer Program and to consider, especially coffee, within this support for producers.

Through a letter addressed to the president, the coffee producers expressed that for several years they have been facing problems in coffee production due to the rust fungus and low prices, so they need to do a good fertilization and increase production. of coffee.

The foregoing, because they have obtained information on the expansion of the fertilizer program to more states, so they hope that the Veracruz entity will be taken into account so that producers receive this support.

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In this sense, they requested the inclusion of the fertilizer program with which subsidies will be given to small producers of at least 60 percent of the price of fertilizer, which would help producers have higher incomes and the creation of more jobs in the coffee field.

For months, producers of pineapple, coffee, citrus, and bananas in Veracruz have warned of a complicated scenario for the coming months, due to the fact that the war between Russia and Ukraine has caused shortages and a 300 percent increase in the price of fertilizers, that are strategic to obtain a good harvest.

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