CoFTRA Prepares Trading Robot Rules, DNA Pro, Net89 ATG Etc. Will it be legal?

SUBANG NEWS– Head of CoFTRA’s Market Development and Development Bureau, Tirta Karma Sanjaya, said that his party is currently preparing a number of regulations related to robot trading activities.

The rules are in the form of specifications and criteria so that trading robots have algorithm transparency, cut loss features, portfolios, and manual books.

This is because trading robots are trading tools that can provide market monitoring, opportunity calculations, and risk management.

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Tirta said that trading robots are usually relied on in trading commodity futures such as stocks, gold, and foreign exchange (forex).

“The use of trading robots is expected to continue to grow targeting crypto asset investments (cryptocurrencies) in Indonesia,” said Tirta in a webinar discussion entitled, “Trading Robots and Binary Options Excited from Various Aspects, Friday, February 25, 2022.

Tirta appealed to the commodity or securities futures trading activity to get a permit as soon as possible.

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“Trading activities involving commodity futures or securities/shares must obtain permission from Bappepti or OJK,” Tirta told reporters.