Coin in the freezer, remember to do it before leaving on vacation: the ‘life-saving’ trick

Did you know that if you leave a dime in the freezer before going on vacation, you could avoid major health problems? Let’s see why.

Coin in the freezer –

A simple dime in the freezer may be the life-saving method you were unfamiliar with.

A dime in the freezer before I leave for the holidays

Are you about to leave for the holidays or even for a simple weekend away? Before closing the house, leave a dime in the freezer, the reason will surprise you. Yes, because it is a home remedy to avoid dangerous health problems when you return.

Basically, you will avoid consuming food that has thawed and refrozen without you knowing. In fact, if foods defrost, they should be eaten within the day and never refrozen. Because? Inside them they could produce dangerous bacteria for the health of those who will consume the dish.

dime in the freezer
coin in the freezer –

This could happen, for example, due to a power failure, a momentary blackout and many other things. So let’s see how to avoid this inconvenience. Once you try it, we’re sure you won’t stop doing it.

How to do

If you are going on vacation but do not turn off your appliance, because it is full of frozen food, then you should adopt the dime-in-the-freezer method. How should it be done? The day before you leave, get yourself a dime and a cup.

The cup will be filled to the brim with water. The cup will go into the freezer. In a maximum of 4 hours the water in the cup will be frozen. At this point it will be time to put the dime in the cup on the surface of the ice water.

Upon your return you will see: if the dime is still where you left it then there was no thawing. If, on the other hand, it has fallen to the bottom, it means that the freezer has defrosted. Worse still, the dime in the freezer may have slipped out of the cup. If this were to happen, you will unfortunately have to throw away all the food because thawing and refreezing it may have lost its organoleptic properties and, worse, be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Coin in the freezer
Coin in the freezer –

This method will help you to preserve the quality of your foods but, above all, not risk poisoning or serious problems for your health. What do you say, will you adopt it in your home? If you find it useful, spread the word with family and friends.