Cold snap kills 70 in US –

The polar cold that hit the central and southern United States claimed the lives of at least 70 people, according to US media. President Joe Biden has approved the declaration of major disaster for Texas.

The mercury rose over the weekend and the cities of Houston and Austin, Texas, returned to temperatures around 15 degrees, much to the relief of populations often stranded at home.

After several days of paralysis, thousands of Texans are gradually recovering drinking water and electricity. However, more than 60,000 homes remain without power, as rescue teams have not yet been able to repair all the power lines blown down by bad weather.

Residents of several cities are still forced to boil water before consuming it. The mayor of Houston said orders to drink only boiled water could be in effect until Monday. In several localities, queues always form in front of churches or parking lots where drinking water and food are distributed.

Federal aid is coming

Joe Biden for his part signed a new declaration of emergency for Texas, a decision that will allow residents to access federal funding for temporary housing, to repair their homes and to obtain cheap loans. . The president also indicated that he wanted to visit this state, while stressing that he did not want his visit to be “a burden” more.

“The federal government sent generators, blankets, water and other essential supplies,” Joe Biden also tweeted, calling on his compatriots to help associations on the ground.

Young Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who raised $ 3.2 million for the victims of this cold snap, made the trip from New York to Houston. “We want to show you that New York is with you, that the whole country is with you,” she said after participating in the food distribution.

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