Cold snap on Season 26 of Diablo 3 – Diablo III

Season 26 has seen a marked slowdown in recent days. This confirms that character power is significantly lower than in the previous season, where Soul Shards brought big benefits to all classes.

At the moment, the Barbarian is particularly well placed to validate a GR 150. The Asian player has been trying for several days, and he could succeed this week, which would be a first in S26. Behind it, the Monk has been stuck for over a week and unable to advance beyond a tier 148 upper rift.

On the other hand, the Necromancer is clearly coming back in force. He who was quite far from the top of the classification, now he is moving much faster and has beaten his record again, validating a GR 147 this Sunday. This puts him in 3rd position ahead of the DH and he could even overtake the Moine, which would be a great performance.

Behind, the Crusader, the Witch Doctor and the Sorcerer are all tied, but are clearly behind in the race for World First (GR 140). Nevertheless, it will be interesting to follow this aspect of the race as well.

In Hardcore mode, the first three did not move one iota. Neither the Demon Hunter, Barbarian, and Monk did better than the previous week. This allows the Crusader, Necro, Witch Doctor, and Sorcerer to get a little closer.

Top fault ranking for Europe, Americas and Asia regions

EU NormalUS NormalAsia NormalEU HardcoreUS Hardcoreasia hardcore
demon hunter144145*146*141144138
witch doctor140144138*136134*137*
two players150*150147*140*143140*
three players150150150150*145*145*
four players150150150150150150
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* Indicates progress over the past week