cold snap on the end of year festivities?

“When I was younger, when I lived in Nancy, we went down to see the illuminations on Place Stanislas. There was not this current debauchery of abundance where everyone wants an illumination in front of their house. Pierre Cuny refers to the past to outline the future of Christmas festivities. A future as hazy as a Ukrainian autumn sky which leads the mayor of Thionville to decide on the spot.

“There will be no non-led illumination over the city. And nothing outside the perimeter of the city center. “The hypothesis of a return to the ice rink, whispered for a time, melted in the sun: “We will remain on a synthetic coating. We cannot invest €100,000”, justifies the elected official. The municipality of Thionvilloise also takes over the installation of its ornaments. The installation, under management and no longer provided by a service provider, will reduce the bill (€300,000 in 2021): “The magic of Christmas can, even must, continue, but with different codes. »

“If it’s to save three…