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Colegio Inglés de Asturias, training talent from the grassroots | BE Gijón | Today for Today Gijón

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The English School of Asturias It is a mixed private center that is located halfway between Gijón and Oviedo which bases student learning in the British education system on a 55,000 square meter campus. The center belongs to the International Education Partnership, IEP, a private educational group that owns a series of schools in Spain where teaching is based on a methodology based on the active learning that encourages discovery, critical thinking, curiosity, and independence.

The educational model It is divided into four stages: the first years, Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate education. The first named ‘Early Years’ organizes the learning areas (personal, social and emotional development, communication and language in Spanish and English, physical development, literacy, mathematics, knowledge of the world and expressive and creative arts) andn topics to achieve an optimal transversal approach. The second call ‘Primary’ It includes the subjects of English language, mathematics, French (from 5th year) Geography, History and Sciences, Physical Education, PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education), Art, Music and Informatics. Students combine these subjects with those of the Spanish curriculum: Spanish Language and Social Sciences. During the teaching the subjects of the English curriculum, students speak exclusively in English.

A second block includes ‘Secondary’ and ‘Sixth Form’. The first is divided, in turn, into several levels. From 11 to 13 years students benefit from a curriculum that includes English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Geography, History, Global Perspectives, Programming and Coding, Art, Music and Theater, French, Physical Education and Education personal, social and healthy habits. Between the 14 and 16 years they study English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Physical Education and personal education, social and healthy habits. To this compulsory block are added three subjects that choose between Art, Business, Computer Science, French, Geography, History and Media Studies.

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On ‘Sixth Form’ we found two years. In them students choose the subjects to study according to their interest, their performance and the path they want to choose for college. In the First choose four or five subjects, in addition to History and Spanish Language and in the second they continue with three or four of them. Those students who wish to enroll in Spanish universities take the subjects of one of the three modalities Baccalaureate: Health Sciences, Technological Sciences (Physics and Mechanics) and Economy (Social and Business Sciences).

The school also has an extensive catalog of services beyond education: canteen, transportation, music school, extracurricular activities or a nursing service where, beyond day-to-day emergencies, it offers treatments to children with chronic or specific diseases, and attends and supports students with other pathologies (allergies, diabetes, asthma, etc.).

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