Colima. They identify one of the victims of the earthquake in Manzanillo

After rescuing the body of a person from the rubble of the Capital Fitness gym, located on the top floor of the Punto Bahía shopping center in Manzanillo, local authorities reported that it is Rafael Caentwho was manager of the Radio Turquesa radio station.

During the earthquake on Monday collapsed part of the roof of the gym in the treadmill area and it was reported that people had been trapped there, so the State Civil Protection Unit together with the Mexican Navy deployed a search and rescue operation that lasted until the last hours of the day.

With the help of a trained dog, signs of the presence of a person were detected, so the search was focused on one point and around 11:00 p.m. the body of the radio businessman was found.

Although the earthquake also caused the death of a woman to whom part of the facade of a department store fell in the Valle de las Garzas neighborhood, in Manzanillo, until now no information about her identity has been provided.

On Monday night, the mayor of Manzanillo, Griselda Martínez Martínez, expressed her condolences for the deceased through her social networks: “To the family and friends of those who lost their lives today in this tremendous earthquake, my deepest condolences. I deeply wish the necessary consolation to your hearts,” she noted.

tremble again

At 3:17 am on Tuesday a new tremor shook the state of Colima; this time it had its epicenter 70 kilometers southeast of Tecomán and had an intensity of 5.9 degrees.

The classes in the entity were suspended until the conditions of all the campuses are completed; In addition, the authorities continue to review hospitals, health centers and communication channels.

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