Colleagues take Özil and Gündogan in protection: DFB team desperate in the Erdogan debate

Colleagues take Özil and Gündogan in protection: DFB team desperate in the Erdogan debate

Colleagues take Özil and Gündogan in protection: DFB team desperate in the Erdogan debate

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In the DFB team is growing noticeably desperation. All attempts to end the Erdogan debate have failed. The whirlwind around the photos of Mesut Özil and Ilkay Gündogan with the controversial Turkish president is huge even after four weeks. The teammates are only appeals.

In the 2: 1 in the last World Cup test of the German national football team against Saudi Arabia were the whistles of many fans against Gündogan louder and more persistent than a week earlier at 1: 2 in Austria. “That hurt me, because a team also lives on the fact that every player is supported.” If a national player is booed from the substitution of all actions to the end, of course, I do not like it, “said Joachim Loew. Video: “It’s enough”: Bierhoff speaks power word in photo affair to Özil and Gündogan

The national coach annoyed not only the many questions about the permanent theme of the two born in Gelsenkirchen international Turkish Root. Löw also has to fear for the World Cup form of the two – and a mood damper for the defending champion. Nobody knows how the up to 10,000 German fans react to the World Cup matches. Basta announcement without effect It is clear, however, that the debate among the supporters and in the public is not as easy to end as the team manager Oliver Bierhoff wishes. The day after his Basta announcement at the end of the training camp, the matter promptly increased again. “The topic has indeed been underestimated,” criticized League President Reinhard Rauball in the “Bild am Sonntag”. “And I also believe that you can not do it alone with the measures and explanations that have been done so far,” he said on crisis management. Rauball spoke of the concern that there could be “permanent damage to both athletes”. PR disaster for the DFB DFB President Reinhard Grindel defended the players. They did not know that the photos would be used for campaigning purposes. “We talked about it, it was a mistake, they both saw that and now football should be the focus,” said Grindel the ARD , Internally, the “mistake” was perhaps viewed, but publicly acknowledged none of the two stars clearly. A PR disaster for players and associations that prides itself on its integration work is the affair already. Video: “If seen in the cabin”: Reus condemns whistles against Gundogan

Unlike Özil, Gündogan, the Erdogan a jersey with the inscription “For my revered President – sincerely” had handed over, at least publicly declared. It had never been an issue “to make a political statement,” the 27-year-old had said. But what his intention was, he left open. “What has been said stays with us” Dejected left Gundogan after the gauntlet in front of their own fans the BayArena. On the Internet he made a new commitment to his native country the day after. “Last game before the World Cup and still grateful to play for this country,” said Gündogan. The ManCity man is fighting for his reputation. By Arsenal star Ozil, however, lacks any kind of opinion. He just ducks away. “Mesut is a whole different stroke than human,” said fellow player Sami Khedira. “I have had a four-way conversation with him, what has been said stays with us.” Gomez asks fans for World Cup spirit The support of the teammates is certain to the two Premier League professionals. “From now on I just ask people to remember that we want to become world champions, we need the Illy for that, we need the Mesut for that,” Mario Gomez appealed almost pleadingly. “It should not be attempted to split the thing further, but try to build a bridge again, so that you can go back to the World Cup with completely different thoughts.” The whistles, said captain Manuel Neuer, “harm the team”. Video: Mats Hummels describes how sentiment suddenly dropped during the international match

Gomez (32) and offensive partner Timo Werner (22) know the feeling to be booed by their own fans. Gomez hung an incessantly awarded big chance of the EM 2008 for a long time, the Leipzig Werner a swallow in the Bundesliga , “I hope that Ilkay can do it as well as I can, that he can win back the German hearts with his performance,” said Werner. Hummels demands dialogue It’s about values, dealing with the crisis, but also about the tolerance limit of the fans. In contrast to Özil and Gündogan was about Confederation Cup captain Julian Draxler for his written tribute Russia not so much criticized a year ago. “Everyone in this world has ever had to pay debts, and when you see them, there really was not much before that,” said World Champion Mats Hummels. His approach is: “You have to enter into dialogue, even so that we stand for players for our teammates, because they give everything for us.” Video: Gündogan “kinky”, Löw only annoyed: national coach criticized German fans

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