Collect signatures for permission to sell paint cans only to adults – BNN

Community Initiatives Portal The collection of signatures for the sale of paint canisters to adults only has started.

The author of the initiative is Raivis Šulcs, who is worried about the amount of graffiti in the urban environment.

In order to reduce the extent of such manifestations, a ban on the purchase of paint canisters by persons under the age of 18 should be introduced.

Schulz believes that, as with other age-restricted goods, young people should be required to present an identity document at checkout.

“It is safe to think that most of the footing on the walls and elsewhere in the urban environment is done by minors,” said the author of the idea.

He agrees that there are several outstanding graphic artists in Latvia as street artists, so the initiative does not aim to tackle graffiti at all, but it is necessary to reduce vandalism and urban degradation.

As a result of such changes, in the opinion of the author of the initiative, the society would get a more cultural, enjoyable environment in the cities.

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