Collect water! A sector of Robledo will lose the water between Thursday and Friday

EPM announced that a sector of Robledo will have an aqueduct interruption between Thursday night (May 25) and Friday afternoon (May 26).

In order to continue providing a quality service to the community, EPM must carry out technical work on the network, which includes the connection and installation of a new macro-meter that integrates the existing infrastructure of the Porvenir I drinking water storage tank with the new Porvenir II tank, recently built by the Company.

In order to carry out these tasks, it is necessary to interrupt the aqueduct service, on a scheduled basis, between 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 25, and 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 26, to 24,448 users located in these address ranges:

– From carrera 85 E to carrera 94 between calle 56 A and calle 62.
– From Calle 62 to Calle 65 between Carrera 98 and Carrera 87.
– From calle 65 to calle 77 between carrera 88 and carrera 91.
– From calle 77 to calle 83 between carrera 82 and carrera 88.

It includes sectors of the neighborhoods: Aures No. 1, Fuente Clara, Robledo, Cucaracho, Palenque, Villa Flora, El Diamante, Bello Horizonte, Santa Margarita, Olaya Herrera, Santa Rosa de Lima and Blanquizal.

EPM will supply drinking water to the community in these sectors:

Route 1: from Calle 65 to Calle 77 between Carrera 88 and Carrera 91.
Route 2: from calle 77 to calle 83 between carrera 82 and carrera 88.
Route 3: from calle 56 A to calle 62 D between carrera 85 E and carrera 94.
Route 4: from calle 62 to calle 65 between carrera 87 and carrera 98.

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