Collection of signatures and demonstration in the Citadel against the “NATO war”

The demonstration “We do not pay for the war of NATO” was held on Saturday afternoon in Piazza Cittadella, organized by Verona for Freedom with the participation of the Libero Syndicate, OIS, Veneto Russia, Veneto Indipendente.

“Many people yesterday in the square in Verona to say No to the NATO war. No to the sanctions that destroy our economy. No to sending weapons. Yes to diplomatic solutions ». The organizers write in a note that then continues: “The protests against anti-Russian hatred and against high living are also starting in Italy as has been happening for weeks in many European cities, here too with the serious indifference of the local and national press” .

«The People do not want this war – they insist – and the Verona square has once again demonstrated it, also by joining the” Stop war between brothers “, promoted by the” Popolo contro i sanctions “group. Italy is on the brink of the abyss, the bills are unsustainable, the precariousness will hit, in a chain, all the productive sectors.
All Italian families will pay for the effects of this umpteenth American war and the crises induced with the aim of keeping us on the political, military and energetic leash of an increasingly police deep state ».

«Let’s take back the sovereignty that belongs to us, let’s take back Italy! We are a united people, we have already demonstrated it and we will continue to demonstrate it », they conclude from Verona for freedom