Colloquium talk in Casasimarro to learn how cancer is investigated | Present

Palancar Motilla

The Casasimarro Local Cancer Board Association has organized a discussion to find out how cancer is investigated, the appointment will be this Friday at 6 pm in the local Auditorium. The doctors Alberto Ocaña, Carlos Alonso, Iván Bravo and the young Casasimarreña, Irene Sevilla, will also participate in it, we will also have the testimony of María del Mar Algaba, a breast cancer patient.

Irene Sevilla affirms that this talk can be very interesting so that we know what the research work is like to achieve advances in a disease as complex as Cancer, and also highlights the importance of supporting research to continue advancing.

Investigating is laborious and slow work, but essential to achieve progress in the fight against this disease. In his case, he has only been a part of the Nanodrug Unit team of the Castilla-La Mancha Regional Center for Biomedical Research for a few months, and he affirms that it is fortunate to be able to work with this team with which they are learning a lot, a learning that they want to share with all those attending this talk to bring the population closer to a topic that often seems very distant and very cold to us. He emphasizes that it is important not to lose humanity in the entire research process because in the end it is destined to improve people’s lives.

With respect to the future, Seville is verifying that dedicating themselves to research in Spain is very complicated, they assume that at some point they will have to go abroad, but they would like this to be an option and not something inevitable in order to dedicate themselves to what they are passionate about .

There are few scholarships and that arouses a lot of competition among the colleagues themselves. For the moment, she has not suffered from it, but she is aware that sometimes this situation creates a rarefied environment between colleagues who work in the same team. It is somewhat contradictory that with more funding and financial support might not happen.

Thank the Local Board for organizing this talk because it can help us better understand your work and the importance of continuing to support it.