Colo Colo detected a positive case of COVID-19 one day after his debut in the championship

One day after his debut in the 2022 National Championship, Colo Colo would have detected a positive case of COVID-19 among its players.

As detailed TNT Sports, a member of the “Cacique” squad He tested positive for coronavirus just before the list of summonses for the meeting with Everton.

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Despite this situation, the albos they would not have close contacts and they could have the entire team for the first match of the 2022 tournament.

Subsequently, and through your account Twitter, the albo team confirmed that “in the PCR tests carried out yesterday according to protocol for official matches, 129 negative PCR tests have been obtained and one case has been investigated with a positive result for COVID-19, of a member of the campus”.

“Person is isolated according to protocol of the health authority, in good condition and in direct communication with the club’s Medical Area “, they added.

Let’s remember that Colo Colo will debut in the 2022 National Championship against Everton at 8:00 p.m. at the Monumental Stadium.