Cologne: After the pursuit – man spits on police officers

Cologne –

He already knew why he did not want to be checked … A Mazda driver (46) gave himself a dangerous chase with the Cologne police on Saturday night (June 26th) – including the disgust attack.

  • Dangerous chase through Cologne
  • Mazda driver (46) flees from Cologne police
  • Cologne: suspect tries to injure officials

Chase through Cologne: When the police want to stop him, Mazda driver accelerates

Shortly before midnight, a patrol team from the Mülheim guard had started chasing the Mazda. Its driver (46) was walking in serpentine lines on the Dünnwalder Kommunalweg. Despite the signs of stopping, the 46-year-old accelerated to more than 120 km / h and raced in the direction of the Höhenhaus.

According to previous knowledge, this resulted in life-threatening maneuvers. The Mazda driver is said to have driven into oncoming traffic several times, where oncoming drivers had to avoid them.

Cologne: Escape ends abruptly, when checked, Mazda driver attacks police officers

His escape finally ended at a boundary post at the level of the Embergweg in Cologne-Dünnwald. But even then, the 46-year-old from Cologne did not give up. He put up considerable resistance during the subsequent control: he spat on the officers and tried to evade the control with several targeted head-butts.

“It was only after the use of pepper spray that the situation was calmed down,” said a police spokesman.

The forces handcuffed the aggressive man and took him into custody. Because the 46-year-old was allegedly under the influence of alcohol and drugs, a blood sample was ordered by a doctor. His driver’s license was also collected.

In addition to a complaint about the danger to road traffic, the Cologne resident also has to answer for resistance to law enforcement officers. (iri)