Cologne: Babysitter is said to have abused four children

The police in Cologne have apparently uncovered another case of systematic child abuse. The focus is on a 33-year-old man from Zollstock, who is said to have abused four children.

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The man is now in custody. The 33-year-old Zollstocker is said to have offered himself as a babysitter via an Internet platform – and then, according to the police, severely abused the children entrusted to him. The victims are between two and seven years old, including a disabled child. According to the investigators, this is proven by photos and videos that were on the man’s cell phone. He himself is silent on the allegations. The man was targeted by the police in May. A mother had filed a complaint because he is said to have abused her four-year-old daughter. The investigators are now evaluating laptops, computers, mobile phones and various storage media.

Just last month, the police caught a man from Wermelskirchen, who is also said to have found his victims online as a babysitter. According to the current status, the two cases have nothing to do with each other, it is said.