Cologne: closures on the A4 between Heumar and Poll

Around the Cologne-Heumar interchange and the Gremberg junction, drivers have to be prepared for disabilities at the weekend. The A4 in the direction of Aachen will be completely closed in this section from Friday evening, 9 p.m.

© gettyimages/Stadtratte

In addition, only one lane is free between Kreuz Gremberg and the Poll junction. The reason for this is urgently needed work on the roadway, according to Autobahn GmbH. Because large ruts have formed between Heumar and Poll, the road has to be completely renewed here. Otherwise, the grooves can widen and then be dangerous for drivers, especially when it is wet. Diversions are signposted with a red dot at the weekend. If you are familiar with the area, it is best to drive around the entire area. The route should be free again early Monday morning around 5 a.m. In the middle of next week (15 June – 19 June) and at the beginning of July (1 July – 4 July), the route will have to be closed again for the remaining work.