Cologne fire brigade in continuous use at KVB stops

Cologne –

After the Hansaring KVB stop had to be closed on Wednesday morning because unknown areas had been smeared with acidic, corrosive paint, further stops in Cologne were contaminated with paint in the late afternoon. The stations Rochusplatz, Körnerstraße, and Deutz Technical University had to be closed. Other suspected cases at the Piusstraße, Kalk Post and four trains on line 13 are being investigated.

Paint smears in Cologne are not new

There were already ten similar cases in Cologne. According to the police, in some cases the color used had a corrosive effect after cleaning.

Which substance is still to be determined. A KVB employee saw the smearings at Hansaring around 8 a.m. and alarmed the police. He was in contact with the paint and had been taken to a hospital as a precaution, but was not injured.

lime 1

Police and fire department on Wednesday afternoon: deployment at the Kalk Post stop.

The KVB has activated the fire brigade and filed a criminal complaint with the police. The contamination, especially with substances that are hazardous to health, “is in no way acceptable,” says KVB CEO Stefanie Haaks. If passengers discover paint smears, they should not touch them under any circumstances. The incidents are not trivial offenses, says Haaks. The KVB will support the police investigation and strengthen controls in stations and trains. The KVB will make the images of surveillance cameras available to the police. The police will take information by phone on 0221 229-0 or by email to [email protected] (red / og)


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