Cologne Instagram: These are the ten best spots in the city

Köln –

Googling and tweeting are already in the dictionary and the photo platform Instagram now has a firm place in the language and way of thinking of many people with the adjective “instagrammable”. A place, dinner or experience can be given the title “instagrammable” if it can be photographed particularly well – and the picture gets a lot of likes.

It is said that more and more active users of the platform are even choosing their travel destinations afterwards. We have collected ten places in Cologne – both well-known and less well-known – where the city shows itself from its most photogenic side.

Crane houses in the Rheinauhafen

Since they were completed in 2010, the three buildings have dominated the panorama of Cologne harbor: the crane houses. Their inverted L-shape is reminiscent of harbor cranes. With their glazed façade and unusual shape, the buildings give the Rheinauhafen a modern, futuristic flair.

The location is therefore rightly a popular motif on Instagram. Whether photographed from the Severinsbrücke, from the opposite Poller Wiesen in the sunset or in the harbor itself – depending on the time of day, perspective and camera angle, you can capture your own atmosphere.


The blue steel bridge with symmetrical struts connects the Media Park with the Herkulesberg. The mountain in the northwest of Cologne is of course more of a hill, created as a heap of rubble from the Second World War. It can be reached via a pedestrian bridge and the panorama of Cologne Cathedral stretches out in the distance. Good place for selfies with after-work Kölsch.

“Cologne” lettering

If a trip begins or ends in Cologne, this can best be documented with a photo of the “Kölnisch Wasser” sign in the main station. The classic 4711 logo shines into the interior on the glass facade and is clearly visible from all platforms. Another urban testimony of the perfume brand can be photographed in Ehrenfeld at the Barthonia Forum. There, too, the classic lettering has become the emblem of the Veedel.

Cologne Cathedral and Hohenzollern Bridge

It is THE motif par excellence in Cologne: the view of the cathedral and the arches of the Hohenzollern Bridge – preferably photographed from the opposite bank of the Rhine in Deutz. Of course, the picture is at its most beautiful when the sky is also bathed in a shimmering sunset glow. Pure Cologne romance! Anyone who loves a challenge can also experiment with new and unusual perspectives here.

Street art in Ehrenfeld

Nowhere else in Cologne is there as much hip street art as around the Ehrenfeld train station. The paintings commemorating the Edelweiß pirates on the corner of Venloer Straße and the mural “I miss my Plattenbau” on Gerhard-Wilczek-Platz in El Bocho are particularly well known. Basically, there are many more works of art suitable for photos in the arches below the railway.

Elevator in the 25 Hours Hotel

Admittedly, this tip is not new. When the 25 Hours Hotel in the Gerling district opened about three years ago, its elevator was featured in the stories of various influencers and TV celebrities. The walls are black mirrored and LED lights create white squares. Mirrors create an optical illusion that gives the interior a special depth. At the time, the hotel manager spoke of a real hype, saying that visitors who were not staying in the hotel blocked the elevators for photo shoots several times a day.

Colorful houses at the fish market

Green, orange, sky blue, yellow and baby pink – the five colorful houses at the fish market in Cologne’s old town give every photo a good splash of color! Great moods also arise when you photograph them in contrast to a nasty gray autumn day. Or simply on a beautiful spring day with a delicious ice cream cone in hand.

Tree avenue at the Decksteiner Weiher

The tree-lined avenues around the Decksteiner Weiher probably deliver the best pictures in autumn: when everything is covered in yellow-brown-orange leaves and the Indian summer begins shortly after Sülz. But the combination of tall trees, dark water and wide meadows can also be photographed very well at all other times of the year. Bonus: Right next door between the allotment gardens in the aquarium path there are cherry blossoms in spring!

The Cologne Cathedral

Even without the duo with the Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne Cathedral is the city’s most popular photo motif. No wonder, after all, the cathedral is Cologne’s landmark. And the best thing is: the cathedral is really photogenic from every side! It therefore offers a variety of great motifs and always invites you to get creative: whether from close up directly on the cathedral square or from far away from the Deutz Rheinpark – the possibilities are almost endless.

Katzenbuckel Bridge in Mülheim

Less well known is the so-called Katzenbuckel Bridge in Mülheim Harbour. It connects the Mülheimer Ufer with the north-eastern tip of the youth park on the Mülheim Rhine peninsula known as the “Katzenkopf” – hence the name. And because the bridge really curves like a hump.

Its shape alone offers many opportunities for special photos. In addition, there is the great view over the Rhine – and of course you can also see the cathedral tips from here.