Cologne: Suspicion of duds at Shell in Godorf

There may be duds in the ground at Shell’s Rhineland refinery in Godorf, right on the district boundary. In two places next to a building plot there are suspected aircraft bombs from the Second World War, according to Shell.

© Radio Erft

That was the result of the evaluation of aerial photographs of the Allies. Experts now have to carry out excavations to determine whether they are really duds. This should happen in close coordination with the city of Cologne, the district governments of Cologne and Düsseldorf and the ordnance disposal service. The excavations are planned on two different dates – the first in early December. However, it is not yet clear when exactly. This also applies to possible evacuations, should it be a dud, according to Shell. A trench is now being drawn to secure the work. And 32 containers filled with water are set up. They are designed to protect nearby industrial facilities from a possible explosion.