Cologne: Taxi driving soon unaffordable?

Taxi driving will soon become a luxury in Cologne. The Cologne city council has decided to significantly increase the taxi tariff from September. This makes Cologne the leader in Germany when it comes to taxi tariffs.

The Cologne city council decided on Monday to raise taxi prices significantly. From September 1, 2022, the basic price will increase from 4.20 euros to 4.90 euros and the price per kilometer from 2.20 euros to 2.60 euros. From the seventh kilometer, the price per kilometer increases from 2 euros to 2.20.

With an average driving distance of seven kilometers and four minutes waiting time, for example, the price changes from 20.70 euros to 25.10 euros. Compared to other German cities, Cologne is the front runner in Germany. If you compare the prices of other large cities, as of May 2022, the other three megacities are significantly lower.

Berlin, Hamburg and Munich significantly cheaper

In Berlin you pay 20 euros for seven kilometers, in Hamburg 21.50 euros and in Munich only 19.50. The city justifies the price increase in particular with the increased minimum wage. This step was probably initiated by a lobby group for the taxi industry, which is coming under increasing pressure from increased personnel costs, the slump in sales due to the corona pandemic and the current increase in fuel prices.

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