Cologne: teenager at bus stop with knife attacked

Cologne: teenager at bus stop with knife

V ollkommen for no reason a 14-year-old and his unknown companion on Monday afternoon, two young people in Nippes attacked. First struck the unknown to the two teenagers (15 and 17 years), then pulled the 14 -year-old knife and stabbed. According to information from the police, he should be an intensive offender. At the Neusser Straße / Gürtel stop, the two victims met two male and one female teenager. He should not laugh like that, one of the three teenagers said, the 17-year-old later reported to the police. “I did not laugh at all that.” The stranger then hit the two boys in the face first with the palm of his hand. Subsequently, the 14-year-old has a knife and stabbed the 17-year-old in the thigh. The perpetrators fled after the incident on Monday afternoon. The 17-year-old came to the hospital with minor injuries. The investigation had shown that the stabber was a police-known intensive offender, the officials said.

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