Colombia, above the global vaccination average

Según Our World In Data, Colombia has already vaccinated with at least one dose against COVID-19 at 29.6% of the population. For its part, the average vaccination worldwide stands at 26.6%.

This means that Colombia is in the top half of countries that are vaccinating the fastest to its population worldwide. Certainly, figures that hope that the vaccination goals will be met this year, as announced by the Government since February 2021.

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Colombia even surpasses countries with higher incomes and higher GDP rates that, to date, have not reached that percentage of the population vaccinated. For example, it surpasses India (23%), Russia (22%), Thailand (16%) and the Philippines (9%), among others, according to the report of the platform managed by Oxford.

Like Chile, Uruguay and Ecuador, Colombia has strengthened its vaccination with the biological one from the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac, which was already approved by the WHO in June and is under review for approval by the European Medicines Agency.

In fact, Dr. Jaime Eduardo Castellanos, director of the Institute of Virology at Universidad El Bosque, was blunt and told Pulzo that “without the Sinovac vaccine, Colombia would be in the pot” from pandemic of COVID-19.

“In Chile and Uruguay there are strong studies. In Chile a 95% protection was demonstrated for the use of Sinovac. Some say that Sinovac is the ‘cheap’ vaccine. On the contrary, where there was no Sinovac in Colombia, we would be in the pot. Because until Pfizer arrives that did not arrive [rápidamente al país], if it hadn’t been for Sinovac we would not be in the less dramatic situation that we have today. The peak in June would have been absolute madness, as is happening in countries where vaccination has started until now, ”said Castellanos, in conversation with Pulzo.

In the same way, the virology specialist made reference to the false news that circulates around the vaccine. He spoke about the Sinovac approval by WHO and how this helps those vaccinated with the Chinese biological do have freedom to do tourism in a good part of Europe and other continents.

“In Europe, the Sinovac vaccine was approved for emergency use, like all vaccines. As by the WHO, which validated studies in Brazil, Chile, Turkey and Indonesia with Sinovac. There are some countries that agree with the WHO, others do not, but in those countries a negative PCR is taken and that’s it “, said the doctor, denying the false news that those vaccinated with Sinovac could not go to Europe.

This is Pulzo’s interview with Dr. Jaime Eduardo Castellanos. (Sinovac analysis, from minute 34:45):



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