Colombia: Bestial Sound, from sound for events to an informative channel on YouTube

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Sonido Bestial and its CEO, Victor Córdoba Cadvid, have a very interesting story to tell that includes the renewal of their work focus to overcome the pandemic and the success obtained with product videos on YouTube. Get to know it.


Hello, I am Víctor Córdoba Cadavid, of peasant origin, older than 6 siblings, children of a mother who is the head of the family who became widowed after 10 years of marriage. Thanks to her we are all professionals.

I live in the municipality of Girardota, near Medellín Colombia, the love for sound was born, thanks to my uncle Carlos, in the year 2000. He suggested that, instead of buying a radio recorder, with that same money I buy a minicomponent for a better sound. The auditory exploration and training began as I bought other equipment and speakers, built by me later.

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Victor Cordoba Cadvid

I did technical training in electricity and electronics at SENA, and in 2011 they gave me the opportunity to take charge of the sound operation of the house of culture in my municipality. My passion for learning more about the subject helped set me on the foundations of the profit structure and this made my work easier for the events.

In 2016 I worked for 7 months on audiovisual communication in my local transit agency. With that sale, I would finally buy a speaker that I fell in love with in 2013 and yearned to have one day.

In the last three months of 2016, I supported the operation of the mayor’s office, to save and prioritize other needs for the most vulnerable population, without me having a contract, they nicknamed me “the man without a contract”. Months later I received an aid from the mayor of his own salary, so as not to spend December without Christmas. In December 2016, Sonido Bestial was born with a powered loudspeaker, a microphone and an electric extension made by me. It was very little, but the sound quality was outstanding.

After several struggles, I got contracts with the sports entity of my city, where I could have an exponential growth and I acquired more equipment. It always managed to satisfy the needs of all events with a compact, powerful, high intelligibility equipment and at a cost within reach of the pocket and more events were managed than with other operators in previous years.

As of today I have the capacity to organize events of up to 2000 people with the best that I could achieve with the budget and the established goals. The quality of the sound is already a hallmark, in any of my productions. Second place in the national road safety challenge for my audiovisual work done in 2016, received by the mayor in 2019.

Renewal of the labor focus

After this introduction by the CEO of the company himself, we leave you here an equally interesting interview that Música & Mercado did with Victor.

M&M: What was the strategy to survive the pandemic?

In 2020 I used the brand Sonido Bestial, the name of the events company, to refocus my YouTube channel, which I had since 2008, to the promotion and review of professional, non-profit sound equipment.

I really enjoy reading international magazines, where I see some spectacular reviews in German, English, French, Portuguese, Polish and, of course, Spanish.

I made a video without any technique 3 years ago in which I talked about what speakers to buy, I did not expect it to be so successful. So, I delved into the subject and asked myself “And why not try to bring the best content, of speaker reviews in Spanish, that is easy to understand and where all the secrets that the manufacturers do not tell are revealed?” I started with all the equipment that I had bought, then I visited the warehouses where I am a customer and they gave me permission to record the products. My views were increasing, the subscribers were adding up and I already have more than 110 videos and 24,500 subscribers on my channel, more than 300,000 views per month, and 4,500,000 views in total. Monetization was a consequence of all of the above.

Curiously, many of those who see me believe that I have a super professional sound store where I have everything that I have shown on the channel, but in reality I have made some agreements, with very good friends, official direct distributors of the brands here in Colombia, where they give me support through referrals, thanks to the fact that they come from my channel when they write to me through social networks.

I have been monetizing for a year now and it has helped me cope with my personal and channel operating expenses. I am seriously thinking about opening that store, of products, that the professional and sound enthusiast needs.

M&M: While we talked, you commented on the concept you follow to choose the equipment, without letting yourself be carried away by what other professionals buy.

Yes. I initially like to put them to the test, with some songs that I know perfectly well in lossless formats. It is a good sign to hear pleasant details that you did not feel before and there are brands that stand out in that, and they are not necessarily the most expensive or the most promoted. If I have the opportunity to do basic acoustic measurements, and check my feelings, it is something that helps me make decisions and I show those tests, in explanations for technical riders and in my videos.


Care during the pandemic

M&M: What advice would you give a professional looking to buy audio equipment?

The most expensive is not always the best. Invest well. There are things that are incredible value for money and are as good as much more expensive products. It is important to be aware of this and not be dazzled by the high price and assume that it is better without knowing in depth. On my channel there are several comparative tests where I talk about this. Do not be afraid to explore other paths, you will get great surprises.

Another advice that I can give is that they buy original equipment, there is already something for all tastes and prices, they will have all the advantages of a team ready for the end user. In professional sound, there are no shortcuts.

M&M: How is the situation of live events in Colombia today?

Virtually in the year 2020, there were successful concerts of great artists of Vallenato music, urban genre and popular ranchera. There is very little left to start several massive live concerts, in various cities of the country.

M&M: What are your plans for this year? Will you continue with the platform?

Yes, I will continue with the platform. I hope I can make more valuable content, help more manufacturers that little is known about them, or show off great products from well-known companies; May this be my contribution to this union that has been hit by this crisis. Someday I hope to go to the NAMM Show!

I want my channel to be a good source of consultation before buying and more for people who live far from cities. I hope to learn and be able to make international sales in Mexico, the United States, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Ecuador and other countries where you look at my content. And on weekends, to position the company more regionally with an excellent sound for any type of event up to 2,000 people with great humility.

M&M: What do you think of the audio technology available on the market today?

It makes life much easier, we must learn all the characteristics and functions of the products to avoid making purchases of additional equipment, which do what someone else does. The reduced weight of class D amplifiers and the internal processing of powered systems make tuning a system easier and easier, many already ready for any function. Column and subs full-range loudspeakers are becoming more and more impressive. It is becoming easier and easier to work with digital consoles and we have almost everything we need in one place. You can have a professional sound faster and easier.

M&M: What trends are you seeing as the most interesting in audio?

Many changes are coming, streaming is here to stay in our lives. Manufacturers will launch products where this will be made easier with cameras and mobile devices with wireless connections to consoles, either via Wi-Fi or RF to transmit and receive audio with each other.


One of Victor’s videos on the YouTube channel

Concert loudspeaker systems will see the resurgence of the point source as does KV2 Audio, Danley or Linear F, with less equipment more will be done, to amortize the post-pandemic economic crisis that some entrepreneurs have. Others like d & b audiotechnik with hybrid systems, like the HK Audio linear 5 LTS A, where with two I make 1,000 people, more will be sold. In-ear monitoring will become easier, cheaper and without loss of quality.

M&M: Any final thoughts?

I want to thank God the father, my brothers, my mother Martha Cadavid, and my girlfriend Kathe Rodríguez, my friends, Juan Guillermo Suárez who shook my hand in the worst moments, Wilson Barrera for helping me on my channel, Vladimir Jaramillo because when he was mayor he gave me the opportunity to get here, to Gregorio Rodríguez for motivating me to make the best sound, having everything against it, and my colleagues Eventos Colombia, to all those who have invested their valuable time watching my videos already my loyal subscribers. This interview is one of the best things that have happened to me in my life, to Música & Mercado, thank you very much!

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