“Colombia can be a great support for Venezuela in the reconstruction of its economy”: Ricardo Lozano, last Colombian ambassador in Caracas

  • Daniel Brown
  • BBC Mundo correspondent in Colombia

August 12, 2022

image source, Getty Images

With less than a week in power, the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, shook a relationship with Venezuela that had been frozen for 6 years.

Petro promised during the campaign to reestablish relations with the government of Nicolás Maduro, interrupted by differences with the governments of Juan Manuel Santos and, above all, Iván Duque.

Thursday, Petro and Maduro announced ambassadors for the other country: The Colombian chose Armando Benedetti, a veteran congressman without ideological attachments, and the Venezuelan Félix Plasencia, former foreign minister of the moderate wing of Chavismo.

Previously, Petro had appointed Álvaro Leyva, a veteran politician expert in peace negotiations, as foreign minister. The minister has already met with high-ranking Venezuelan officials and is now in Cuba exploring the resumption of negotiations with the National Liberation Army, a guerrilla group.